Tips to Make Your Home Green

We feel that one of our greatest achievements here at Packsize comes from our work at going green.  We have revolutionized the way packaging companies can decrease their environmental impact through our unique custom built boxes and shipping supplies that have drastically reduced our company’s carbon foot print.

And with all of our attention on going green, we wish to help others go green within their own homes.  There are multiple ways for a homeowner to become more environmentally efficient at home, and coincidentally, those who choose to become more eco-friendly at home tend to save more money than those who ignore green practices.

The first rule of going green at home is to limit consumption.  In the following list of green practices for the home, most of the suggestions will deal largely with cutting consumption within the home.

·         Manage the thermostat.  Turning down the thermostat even two degrees can greatly reduce the annual energy consumption within the home.

·         Look for the Energy Star rating.  Buying home appliances with an Energy Star rating instantly saves energy usage in the home if the home was previously    using older appliance models.

·         Repair leaky faucets.  Just one drop per second from a leaky fixture can waste up to ten gallons of water per week!

·         Go low-flow.  Low-flow faucets, showerheads, and fixtures can reduce water consumption in the home by up to fifty percent.

·         Recycle, Recycle, Recycle!  Our nation’s landfills are literally overflowing with solid waste.  Much of this waste, like plastic water bottles, could have been recycled and reused instead of thrown away.  Recycling all that can be recycled in the home is a great way for a household to go green.