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The Customer’s Packaging Experience Yields a Moment of Truth for Brands

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AutoDesk’s Redshift—How One Company Thinks Outside the Box With On-Demand Packaging

It’s a frustrating and common e-commerce experience: receiving a small item in a huge box filled with plastic air pillows or other packing material. The shipper may find it convenient to use just a few box sizes, but it’s a big waste. Read the full story on AutoDesk’s blog, Redshift, here.

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The Green Living Guy—Staples Smart-Size is Green Size

Staples is collaborating with Packsize to use Smart-Size Packaging technology to improve its packaging line. This initiative has reduced Staples’ corrugated use by more than 15 percent and void fill by 60 percent! This blog post details how it works. Read more here.

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Packsize International Creates Scented Corrugated

Workers at the Packsize facility have already benefited from the fragrant z-Fold®. John Dubakus, a shift lead at Packsize headquarters, has his team working with the Lavender scented corrugated.

“I have noticed a huge increase in morale with our workers,” said Dubakus. “Everyone seems to be more relaxed and generally in a better mood. If the essential oil corrugated is helping us this much, I cannot wait to hear how it will affect our customers.”

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Designing Slimmed-Down Strength Is Sector Where Packsize Can Help

The journey that packages take from the warehouse to your house will be quite demanding at times. There will be bumps in the road, turbulence in the air, cramped quarters, wet weather and slips and falls. All of these factors can shake, stir and damage the contents of a poorly-protected package during its global journey. That’s why Packsize, which has introduced the revolutionary On Demand Packaging system, is developing additional offerings meant to meet International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) performance test expectations. Packsize test facilities are not only coming up with ways to hit these benchmarks, but doing so with items of all shapes, sizes, weights, and other odd dimensions.

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7 ways the X7™ will modernize your fulfillment process

Packsize just launched the X7a fully-automated packaging solution that can process your company’s single-item orders to produce fully-packaged boxes This new machine is revolutionary for high-volume fulfillment centers.

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Packsize Presents 7 Ways to Increase Fulfillment Speed & Improve Order Optimization with the X7 Automated Right-sized Packaging System

Resolving the e-commerce industry’s need for high-volume, custom-sized box output, Packsize today announced the commercial availability of the X7 Automated Right-sized Packaging System. The X7 meets the high-capacity packaging demands for single or consolidated stackable product orders by achieving order process optimization through advanced packaging automation.

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Packsize Sees Plenty Of Purpose In “Frustration-Free Packaging” Plan

Almost a third of all municipal solid waste is packaging. Amazon’s “Frustration-Free Packaging” (FFP) is one of those programs trying to reduce waste, and November 2018 marked its 11th anniversary. With that in mind, let’s take a second to talk about Frustration-Free Packaging and why it matters.

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Lessons Learned from the 2018 Holiday Season

All companies and packaging carriers are breathing a sigh of relief after the craziness of the 2018 holiday season. Post-holiday is when these groups can make sense of the mad dash they miraculously completed yet again. With this in mind, Packsize is exploring the predictions, fallout, and lessons learned from the 2018 holiday season. Since Packsize makes it possible to right-size secondary packaging with box-making machinery, companies can now address where their packaging fell short in 2018.

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DC Velocity—Flush with success

Product damage problems led Ferguson to seek a new way to package its fragile toilets. An innovative custom solution from Packsize solved the problem—and cut labor and materials costs to boot. Read the full article here.

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