The X7 Delivers Right-sized Packaging Automation from Packsize While Reducing Labor, Shipping, and Material Costs

The continued decline in unemployment is impacting companies across nearly every industry; a reported 3.7 percent national average in September by the U.S. Department of Labor. Heightened demand for goods ordered over the internet amplifies the worker shortage for these companies shipping products. To ensure optimal and timely outcomes and smart industry improvements for its customers, Packsize today announces its fully automated, right-sized packaging system, the X7™. The new automated custom box-making system represents a significant investment by Packsize in machine learning, packaging process automation, corrugated infrastructure and testing, and business intelligence. The automated system is the second in the company’s X Series line of automated On Demand Packaging® technology solutions.

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Safeguard Your Orders Against Damage with Packaging Software Solutions

Best intentions occasionally fall short. It’s bound to happen but when a customer’s order is on the line, it doesn’t matter how close you came to getting it right. Shortcomings in the shipping department are inexcusable. No one is going to be happy if their order arrives damaged due to poor planning on the part of the company they ordered it from. And much of this headache can be avoided because currently-available packaging software helps eliminate damage inflicted during delivery.

Read More gives six eco-friendly packaging ideas to make your shipping line more sustainable; and right-sizing makes the list.

Here are six ways you can make your shipping line more sustainable. Packsize’s Melissa Clyne contributed to number two on this list. Read the full story here.

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It’s Time for Eco-Friendly Packaging

Online shopping isn’t going away anytime soon. The sheer convenience of same-day shipping without ever having to leave the couch ensures it. However, those of us who can change online shipping and e-commerce for the better need to step up—and soon. Some may ask why we need to ask these tough internal questions rather than keep the conveyor belts running at warp-speed?

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Custom Boxes Make the Furniture Trip a Safe One From Showroom To Living Room

When it comes to home furniture, there’s a huge gap between the showroom and your living room. For every sectional, corner chair and end table that’s on display under enticing bright lights, there are two dozen items just like them sitting in the warehouse waiting to be ordered. Once that order is placed, the real activity gets under way and additional operations spring into action. This includes the efforts of custom box-making companies who aid in the process. Since oversized furniture is so unwieldy, every order is susceptible to damage. Because of this, it is essential that every box shipped is packed in a way that keeps the furniture damage-free during delivery.

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Inside Logistics—The Gear Game

Packsize customer MEC goes omnichannel in this cover story for Inside Logistics. This article follows MEC as they upgrade their ERP. The story is contained on pages 16-19. Read the full story here.

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Packsize’s Smallest Machines can Handle Some of its Biggest Product Packaging Orders

The iQ Series of custom box-making machines is mainly designed for e-commerce and light manufacturing. This On Demand Packaging® machine has a small footprint and can be integrated into any warehouse space with no upfront capital equipment cost. Electrical modifications rarely need to be made due to the machine’s lower voltage requirements, making installation seamless and cost-efficient.


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With Amazon operations to begin in weeks, Salt Lake City mayor hopes they’ll team up with Packsize

“I’m kind of hoping, at some point, Amazon teams up with Packsize to decrease the size of their boxing,” Biskupski said. “Packsize is right here in this neighborhood — so maybe there’s an opportunity there for them to partner.” Read the full story here.

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Packsize Helps Companies Adapt To New Rapid Shipping Requirements

Delivering a package to someone drama-free depends on one of two things: A recipient home to accept the shipment or having a secure place for the courier to store the item. Since most front porches aren’t outfitted with a lockbox, parcel companies or U.S. Postal Service workers in the field must leave the item on the steps outside a home or sitting between the storm door and front door. This is less than ideal, and a recent op-ed from the retail trade publication eDelivery says that “flexible parcel delivery” is going to become standard—and soon.

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A Great Example of Product Packaging Design for Ecommerce

I recently developed something of a hot sauce addiction. It started with some basic hot wings from a local establishment, and then grew into ordering a bunch of specialty sauces online. I recently ordered a couple of sauces from Heatonist, a hot sauce company from New Jersey, and was so impressed with the way they package their ecommerce orders that I feel the need to break down everything they did right.

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