Packsize International Receives 2018 Supply & Demand Chain Executive “Green Supply Chain Award”

Supply & Demand Chain Executive named Packsize International a recipient of its “Green Supply Chain Award for 2018.” In so doing, SDCE recognizes Packsize’s role in making sustainability a core part of its supply chain strategy. Packsize is a leading multinational technology provider of packaging supply chain solutions and services that help customers achieve measurable sustainability goals.

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Packaging Automation Keeps Companies In The Clear During Labor Shortages

Whether Millennials are in fact “lazy,” as far too many news pundits like to assume, is beyond the point. The real problem is that warehouses and distribution face a shortage of able-bodied workers. What’s more, those who fill up the applicant pool are either picky about where they work or ten not to apply for positions requiring manual labor. From the perspective of facility owners who need to keep conveyor belts filled with outbound items headed for delivery, not having the human hands to handle them is a problem—right? Not quite. As Packsize is quick to point out, automated machines creating the right-sized box out of environmentally-friendly packaging material is an all-around solution for those experiencing staffing and workflow problems. With the busy holiday season now on the horizon, there’s no time like the present to shift attention to automation rather than scurrying to find temporary workers who’ll only bridge the gap until Christmas is over.

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Modern Materials Handling—Revive IT revamps packaging workflow with On Demand Packaging®

Revive IT’s managers and operators knew they had to take a different and more innovative approach to their packaging operations process. This article follows Revive IT as they integrate On Demand Packaging® solutions into their supply chain. Read the full story here.

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The Monkey’s Paw in the Packaging Department

Jason was under the gun at his job. As an operations manager, it’s his job to make sure that products get sent out on time. The problem is that it’s really hard to send products out on time while making sure they’re packaged correctly and cost-efficiently. As the backlog of orders piles up, Jason’s job and entire department are under threat. Not knowing what to do, he turns to an artifact imbued with a dark magic. But as Jason will soon learn, a good packaging operation doesn’t appear out of thin air.

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The Packaging Experience that Packsize can Deliver

Packaging is a source of frustration…and the source of a lot of garbage. Nearly one-third of all trash produced in the US is packaging waste. It’s so much more omnipresent than many of us realize, and it’s important to make sure it’s as frustration-free as possible.

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New Packsize On-demand Custom Box Production Takes Stage at PACK EXPO, Booth E-8705

Packsize today announced the new M1 On Demand Packaging® system, a robust and responsive box-making machine and technology solution designed for speed, flexibility, and reliability. Built upon the Packsize Global Modular Architecture platform and utilizing PackNet® production and optimization software, the M1 system delivers advanced On Demand Packaging® functionality for packaging environments requiring high variability in box types and sizes.

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The X7 Delivers Right-sized Packaging Automation from Packsize While Reducing Labor, Shipping, and Material Costs

The continued decline in unemployment is impacting companies across nearly every industry; a reported 3.7 percent national average in September by the U.S. Department of Labor. Heightened demand for goods ordered over the internet amplifies the worker shortage for these companies shipping products. To ensure optimal and timely outcomes and smart industry improvements for its customers, Packsize today announces its fully automated, right-sized packaging system, the X7™. The new automated custom box-making system represents a significant investment by Packsize in machine learning, packaging process automation, corrugated infrastructure and testing, and business intelligence. The automated system is the second in the company’s X Series line of automated On Demand Packaging® technology solutions.

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Safeguard Your Orders Against Damage with Packaging Software Solutions

Best intentions occasionally fall short. It’s bound to happen but when a customer’s order is on the line, it doesn’t matter how close you came to getting it right. Shortcomings in the shipping department are inexcusable. No one is going to be happy if their order arrives damaged due to poor planning on the part of the company they ordered it from. And much of this headache can be avoided because currently-available packaging software helps eliminate damage inflicted during delivery.

Read More gives six eco-friendly packaging ideas to make your shipping line more sustainable; and right-sizing makes the list.

Here are six ways you can make your shipping line more sustainable. Packsize’s Melissa Clyne contributed to number two on this list. Read the full story here.

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It’s Time for Eco-Friendly Packaging

Online shopping isn’t going away anytime soon. The sheer convenience of same-day shipping without ever having to leave the couch ensures it. However, those of us who can change online shipping and e-commerce for the better need to step up—and soon. Some may ask why we need to ask these tough internal questions rather than keep the conveyor belts running at warp-speed?

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