Introducing Packsize Glass, the Newest Way to Create Custom Boxes

With Packsize’s On Demand Packaging®, making boxes has never been easier. In the past, we’ve allowed boxes to be made in three very simple ways:

  • By scanning the barcode of the product, automatically producing the right-sized box. Scanning multiple products creates a box that will fit all the products scanned.
  • By using a handheld laser scanner, precisely measuring the dimensions of your products.
  • By integrating into the customer’s WMS, allowing Packsize’s machine to read the volumetric data directly without any measuring necessary.

Today, Packsize is excited to announce that we are adding a fourth way to create boxes:  Packsize Glass, the latest app available on the Google Glass platform!

Using bleeding edge technology, Packsize Glass takes whatever you are staring at, and using advanced 3D and infrared cameras, is able to produce a 3D scan of the object. The app will then measure the minimum length, width, and height needed to create a perfectly fitting box. That data is then transfers wirelessly with the nearest box making machine to be printed in an actual, physical form.

Futuristic HUD!

Using a high-tech heads up display inspired by The Terminator, Iron Man, and a little bit of Robocop (1987 version, not the terrible reboot), Packsize Glass not only makes cool boxes, it makes the user feel empowered while using it.

Beta-test sign-ups are now open to the public, with an official version to be rolled out on April 1st, 2016.

*Warning: Be sure to close the Packsize Glass app whenever not in use. Because the app causes the machine to automatically produce boxes sized to whatever the user is staring at, be sure to only stare at objects you intend to package. The following situations could be disastrous to your warehouse and your corrugated supply:

  • Walking down a crowded street.
  • Eating a bowl of rice (as each grain would be counted as it’s own box).
  • Staring at the sun (which is bad for you anyway).
  • Looking at yourself in a mirror (allowing Packsize Glass to see and package itself is the equivalent of dividing by zero for the app’s AI, and will cause it to crash).

If you are interested in integrating Packsize Glass with your packaging operations, click the link below to contact us:

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