It’s Time For Another Edition of Bad Packaging



Here at Packsize, we make it our mission to stamp out bad packaging over the globe. There’s no shortage of people complaining about the oversized boxes they’ve received recently. It’s pretty obvious that everyone has, at one time or another, received a corrugated cardboard box that’s ridiculously under-stuffed.

So it’s now time again to stroll through another gallery of the worst of the worst. These are photos that have either been shared with us or were found online. The types of boxes and their contents may be different, but they all have one thing in common: a ton of empty space.

Before we get to the actual gallery, I’d like to remind readers that packaging like this isn’t just bad for the environment, but it will soon be bad for your wallet. Last week, we talked about how dimensional charges are going to be applied to all packages starting in 2015. You can read about it here.

If you’d like to prevent your business from taking a hit from these charges, contact us by clicking the link below:

And now, without further ado, here is the Bad Packaging Gallery of Summer 2014:

1. I appreciate the use of sustainable void fillers, like paper, but that sure is a lot of empty space…

At least they used sustainable filler...


2. This box could have probably fit over 200 of those little bottles.

all them air pillows


3. While not as egregious as many of the other examples here, this package sent to me by a friend is a good reminder that most packages are at least 40% empty space.

half full packaging


4. “If only there were some sort of folder-type packaging that we could send this folder in…”

folders can be shipped in envelopes


5. There’s so much paper, you have to do a double-take to see the actual item ordered.

At least they used sustainable filler...


6. A box-within-a-box. These are always the most frustrating items to receive.

Double boxes


7. I have seriously never seen this many air pillows in a single box in my entire life.

so. many. air. pillows.


8. You can see in the background that this package was stuffed to the brim with air pillows.

empty space box


9. This was sent to me by my family. I get photos of bad packaging from all my friends these days. The bad packaging epidemic is just that bad. 

At least they used sustainable filler...


10. Here’s one that was sent into the office. I measured the box dimensions versus the actual item’s, and it turned out to be 85% empty space.

all that empty space...


SPECIAL BONUS: Found on Reddit, this may be the worst packaging of all time.


most wasteful packaging ever



If you have received some bad packaging recently, share it with us! You can contact us on Facebook and Twitter.