On Demand Packaging is Perfect for Furniture


Furniture companies have struggled for years when it comes to packaging their products. Boxes come in set sizes from manufacturers. They come 2 x 2 x2, 12 x 12 x 6, etc. Furniture comes in all shapes and sizes and only on rare occasions do they ever fit perfectly in the box. Furniture producers constantly have to create processes to pack their furniture safely into these premade boxes. They give instructions on adding packing peanuts, order specialized Styrofoam inserts, and order the pieces in just the right way to make the box work. So much time is spent planning that they lose money making it work. Meanwhile, if the slightest wiggle room is left, furniture damage is almost assured, ruining a perfectly good product. Furniture manufacturers lose time and money working these problems out.


This is where Packsize can step in to help. Packsize machines help furniture companies create custom sized boxes for each product. This means that instead of having to pack a table into a premade box, they can set the dimensions into the machine, and have one custom created for them in just minutes. The fitted box makes packing easy. It also reduces the amount of damage a typical furniture company will see from day-to-day. That’s not the only benefit though.

Packsize boxes can also save the company money and space. When you have to buy premade boxes in bulk, you have to place a large order (for boxes you may never need) and store them in a warehouse (where you wish you could put product). Having a machine that makes the cardboard to custom sizes saves you money and space (by letting you purchase only as much cardboard as you actually need). On top of that you pay less for packing fillers. Over time, packing peanuts and air pillows cost the company a lot of extra money. Smaller, fit boxes reduce the need for either of these things in excessive bulk. You can use just as much as you need.

The fitted size makes it easier to pack more products onto one truck as well. More products on one truck equates to a decrease in the number of trucks you have to deploy every week. Making your own, fit boxes saves you time and money, just as it prevents damages. Find out how you can be rid of your old inventory and get Packsize into your warehouse today.