Packages Boost Post Office’s Earnings In Predominately Parcel-driven Sector

The relationship between package-maker and package-handler is a close one. When the former puts more products in the mail, the latter benefits and nowhere is this more apparent than in the U.S. Postal Services’ 2nd Quarter financial earnings report. The data, released on May 11, 2018, shows that “Shipping and Packages” grew by 9.5 percent compared to the same period last year. That’s a $445 million increase in the packages sector, bringing 2018’s Q2 total of overall revenue to $17.5 billion. First-class mail—which typically means envelopes—is on the decline, so the USPS is smart for devoting more attention to parcels and packages. According to the USPS, “package volume grew by 69 million pieces, or 5 percent, while mail volumes declined by 700 million pieces, or 2.1 percent, compared to the same quarter last year.”

By all accounts, 69 million pieces is impressive, and the meteoric rise of online shopping and even same-day delivery in some cases has pushed the operations of the USPS, FedEx, and UPS into overdrive. It has also provided companies with the opportunity to modernize their package-making processes. Packsize, which gives shippers the ability to make custom boxes on the packaging line, has become the industry leader for companies who want to optimize their operations. Packsize helps companies accomplish this through an end-to-end product portfolio including custom box-making machinery, software, and consumable solutions.

These tools can be placed in the shipping department or warehouse of any company and put to use whenever an item is outbound. One of the perks of using Packsize is the fact that box dimensions can be automatically entered into the box-making machine to create the corrugated cardboard box. This is essential for random-sized or odd-shaped orders and offers maximum protection from damage during the shipping process. From the perspective of a packaging engineer, this two-fold benefit means less resources and time spent locating the box that fits just right for the intended contents.

The USPS and other shipping companies are a conduit to the customer. These customers have preferences, too. And it’s very likely that they’ll spend their money with a company that shares their beliefs. Talking a CEO’s perspective, an increased customer base always looks good to investors. Packsize can help achieve this by providing smaller, more sustainable packaging. Don’t be left behind: switch to an On Demand Packaging® supply chain. You can learn more by filling out the form below.