Packsize International Creates Scented Corrugated

SALT LAKE CITY—April 1, 2019 — Packsize International announced a partnership with Drop by Drip Essential Oils, a Utah-based company focused on locally sourced organic material. As a partner, Drop by Drip will provide Packsize with the capacity to deliver scented z-Fold®.

As part of the agreement, Packsize will develop scented equipment throughout North America for the Packsize On Demand Packaging® systems that create right-sized boxes for every order. Packsize customers will be able to choose among 25 fragrant scents.

“We are constantly looking for a way to provide our customers a WOW Experience,” said David Smith, lead project manager. “We started with custom-printed packaging to be pleasing to your eyes, and now offer custom-scented packaging to be pleasing to your nose. We view this partnership as a great opportunity for our customers to provide a one-of-a-kind experience for their own customers.”

The first five infused corrugated scents to be immediately available include Cedarwood, Cinnamon Bark, Spearmint, Lavender, and Lemongrass. There are also plans to release a holiday-scented line that will be available for orders starting in October. These scents include Peppermint, Gingerbread, and Pine Tree.

Workers at the Packsize facility have already benefited from the fragrant z-Fold®. John Dubakus, a shift lead at Packsize headquarters, has his team working with the Lavender scented corrugated.

“I have noticed a huge increase in morale with our workers,” said Dubakus. “Everyone seems to be more relaxed and generally in a better mood. If the essential oil corrugated is helping us this much, I cannot wait to hear how it will affect our customers.”

“Packsize is the leading provider of On Demand Packaging® systems, software and solutions,” said Kevin Foster, CEO of Drop by Drip Essential Oils. “This partnership delivers on their promise of unrivaled, just-in-time custom packaging solutions by leveraging the latest technology.

Companies can receive a complimentary scratch-and-sniff sample of corrugated z-Fold® by calling 1-555-OIL-PACK.


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