Packsize Is Pleased to Announce the iQ Micro™

Packsize International LLC, the leading provider of On Demand Packaging®, today announced the availability of the iQ MICRO™, the company’s first generation in a new series of tiny corrugated converting machines. Introduced at an event held on the space next to the marketing guy’s laptop this week, the compact and intelligent design of the iQ MICRO™ gives Packsize the ability to reach a broader set of customers that want to reduce the size of their packaging operations while still making it more complicated for some reason.

With a working footprint of only 9 square inches and few management requirements, the iQ MICRO™ can be placed just about anywhere, requires no capital investment, and uses corrugated printer paper for the box-making process. The Packsize EM7-25 and the Packsize iQ FUSION™ will continue to be the best choice for customers with larger, normal-size needs.

Let me tell you how much this new device is needed. Just a couple of weeks ago, I ordered two thumbtacks and a paperclip from a large online retailer. I could not believe how awful the packaging was. Just look at the pictures!

gigantic box

This gross over-packaging frustrated me to no end. I decided that it would be a good opportunity to show off the iQ MICRO’s™ capabilities. I took the thumb tack over to my desk, had the operator punch in a few numbers, and viola! I had a new, perfectly fitting box for my thumbtack.

*operator not included with purchase

*operator not included with purchase

With this new technology, we hope to be able to reach the smallest businesses and provide perfect packaging for every product. The iQ MICRO™ comes with a MICRO Gluer, a MICRO table, and a 2 month supply of our special corrugated printer paper. Corner protection and other void fill options are available upon request. Contact your local area manager for more details.

About Packsize International LLC
Founded in 2002, Packsize International LLC is the world’s leading provider of lean packaging systems for businesses with complex corrugated packaging needs. Packsize delivers an alternative to the existing corrugated supply chain with On Demand Packaging™ and was listed by Forbes as one of America’s Most Promising Companies. For more information, send us an email by clicking the link below:

(But seriously, please don’t contact us and ask about the iQ MICRO™. It’s a joke. Happy April Fool’s Day)