Packsize Spreads Earth-Friendly Shipping Practices

To suggest that e-commerce and the rise of online shopping are solely to blame when it comes to excess packaging waste would be incorrect. There are many moving parts. However, Amazon, which is front and center in this sector, is still making major strides to switch up the way it handles shipping. It’s called “Frustration-Free Packaging” (FFP) and the revamping of how products are shipped during their trip from the warehouse to the customer’s house is a game-changer. This topic is receiving a fair amount of media attention, too, which is encouraging to those in the packaging industry who are also looking to do the most good for Mother Earth and consumers alike. Packsize is among those operations and its goals— reduce waste, protect products, improve customer experience, and reduce the environmental impact of corrugated packaging—align nicely with what Amazon is rolling out.

Launched on Sept. 17, 2018, in North America, Amazon’s FFP program puts a focus on reducing waste. The effort will take consumer interest and corporate cooperation from “brand-owner vendors.” To that end, early adopter credits are offered through August 2019.

A good example of the difference between standard retail shipping and the FFP program can be seen via an order of assorted children’s toys. Instead of 19 packaging components arriving inside of an Amazon box, the FFP program and participating company reduce the contents into a single box that has less volume and no excess cardboard.

This latter point is one that Packsize is pleased to hear, as cutting down the sizing requirements of the six-sided box has been a long-standing objective of this company and one they are currently engaged in. To accomplish this, custom packaging boxes are designed with Packsize software then produced with box-making machinery. For companies who invest in this service, a better-fitting and well-protected box made of corrugated cardboard material is the final product. What’s more, new machine solutions now make it possible to print on the corrugated box too.

Technology has given us online shopping—and millions of consumers have turned to this outlet for everything from holiday gifts to crossing items off the grocery list. Since this service is now here to stay, it’s time to turn our attention to reducing the tons of shipped packaging materials generated over the past decade and investigate environmentally friendly solutions. We are excited to share Earth-friendly practices, because creating Smarter Packaging for a Healthy Planet® also means creating Frustration-Free Packaging for your customers.

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