Packsize Partners with Freebox Technology for Packaging Nirvana

Packsize is happy to announce that we are partnering with System to market their very cool machine—the Freebox® automated packaging system. Freebox® machines are European-manufactured, fully-automated, and high volume. As you can see from the gif below, the strength of Freebox® comes from its ability to produce fully-erected cartons with minimal need for manual labor. And like Packsize, the Freebox® machine is capable of making a box in almost any size and style.

mmm...fully automated

mmm…fully automated goodness…


The machine is 24 feet long by 12.5 feet wide and uses standard corrugated to create customized boxes with customized printing for any type of product. Users of the Freebox® system will have many of the same benefits that one would see from using our On Demand Packaging® solutions. These benefits include:

  • Less corrugated waste: Right-sized boxes means that there’ll be less wasted corrugated, making a happier environment.
  • Less filler materials: We’ve discussed Styrofoam and air pillows in-depth on this blog. Less of them is a big plus for our planet.
  • Optimized warehouse space: Although the Freebox® machine is fairly large, keep in mind that it eliminates the need to store large amounts of boxes and the space needed for workers to assemble boxes.
  • Reduced labor: Even the fastest of workers can’t eliminate the time they spend assembling boxes. This machine produces ready-to-ship boxes in record time with a minimal workforce.
  • Reduced product damage: Better-fitting packaging leads to less products damaged during shipping. Damaged products greatly increase your costs and drastically increase your environmental impact.
  • Increased customer satisfaction: Because no one likes having to deal with ridiculous amounts of packaging.

If you would like to learn more about Freebox,® contact us here at Packsize by filling out the form below.