Packsize Partners with Staples

Packsize and Staples announced the beginning of a new partnership on November 22, 2012. Staples, Inc. is the world’s largest office products company and the second largest internet retailer. Consequently, they are one of the nation’s leaders in packages shipped every year. They have decided to go green with “Smart-size” packaging from Packsize.

Staples now uses Smart-size packaging in all of their supply chain shipping. Each of their boxes is now custom cut to the product’s needs. Doing so cuts their usage of air pillows by 60 percent and the average box size by 20 percent. Annually, this reduces the carbon footprint by 30,200 tons, that’s equivalent to 120,000 trees.



The environment’s not the only one benefiting from this change. Don Ralph, the senior vice president of supply chain and logistics at Staples said, “We’re already hearing positive feedback from satisfied customers.” Customers don’t have to deal with the hassle of breaking down oversized boxes or excessive air pillows. Operations throughout the packaging and delivery process have improved as well, reflecting in more timely and efficient deliveries. The improvements have increased customer satisfaction.

And of course, “Packsize is thrilled that Staples has adopted our lean packaging system,” said our CEO, Hanko Kiessner. “This is an inflection point for mainstream adoption of Packsize packaging technology that reduces box inventory, eliminates inefficient use of warehouse space, and minimizes wasted space and dunnage material within the shipped product box.”

Staples is gleaning the benefits of this new packaging process, and it has only been a couple of weeks since they started using it. This partnership is a major step forward in helping us improve our use of our natural resources. Every year, we can expect to see marked improvements in the number of trees Staples will save and the number of air pillows they won’t have to use.

Staples recently released a new video to announce and demonstrate the new Smart-size packaging system. You can view it here.