Packsize smart-Box® uses GPS tracking to give location of package in real time.

Packsize smart-Box® uses GPS tracking to give location of package in real time.

SALT LAKE CITY — April 1, 2018 — Packsize, a multinational On Demand Packaging® technology company, today announced the immediate availability of smart-Box®. Smart-Box® is a patented technology that allows for easy tracking, package design, and reduces corrugated waste.

Smart-Fold is a successful integration of micro-tracking sub-connectors and high-density carbon fibers into corrugated cardboard. These tracking sub-connectors enable packages to be located through GPS—allowing companies and consumers the ability to track packages in real time, eliminating consumers concern about lost packages.

The high-density carbon fiber eliminates the need for glue and tape. It also ensures that products will arrive undamaged. To ensure that packages are not tampered with or stolen, an antitheft or locking feature may be added to ensure only your customers can open the package with thumbprint recognition technology. If the package is taken, a notification can be sent to police with GPS location for easy retrieval and arrest of culprits.

After the package has reached its destination, the corrugated can reshape itself into a smaller box to be shipped back to the manufacturer. Thanks to our partnerships with shipping companies, there will be no additional cost to consumers or manufacturers. Because of the high-density carbon fiber, the corrugated can be reshaped without losing integrity and reused several times before needing to be discarded. This will help eliminate waste as the same corrugated material can be used several times over.

Packsize customers can use the smart-Box® with existing machines and can control the designs with CADPack Designer. For more information on smart-Box®

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