Packsize Unveils the X4® at ProMat 2017

First U.S.-manufactured On Demand Packaging machine meets rapid packing and shipping requirements through reliability, redundancy, and corrugated efficiencies.

SALT LAKE CITY — April 3, 2017 —
Representing a new era of custom box-making in a smartly sized machine footprint, Packsize International today announced the immediate availability of the automated X4®—the first On Demand Packaging® system to cut, fold, label, and glue a flat corrugated box in 12 seconds. The dynamic system provides distribution and fulfillment customers a high degree of automation to meet the growing challenge of rapid packing and shipping. The highly reliable X4® assesses and creates the most efficient and complete right-sized box for each individual order to eliminate unnecessary void fill and reduce shipping costs, among other benefits.

Distribution businesses today seek greater automation in the machinery they install in their facilities,” said Packsize CEO Hanko Kiessner. “The X4® delivers on this expectation for high-volume packaging environments.”

The small footprint of the X4® adds to its flexibility, allowing for a box to be erected and inducted onto a conveyor line, placed on a cart, or packaged right next to the machine. Packaging managers can orchestrate and manage single-piece, batch, and demanding corrugated packaging workflows. The X4® can also be deployed in a multiple-machine environment alongside other Packsize systems, or placed in a two to four X4® machine configuration to produce up to 1,200 boxes an hour.

Integrating sustainability into the e-commerce supply chain, the X4® includes multiple infeeds to accept up to four widths of corrugated z-Fold®. The machine’s versatility with this reusable resource achieves a wider variety of box sizes needed to quickly pack every order.

Packsize leveraged its market-leading expertise in lean manufacturing from European production principles to manufacture the X4® in the United States. Kiessner notes, “The X4® was designed with quality and reliability top of mind.”


About Packsize® International LLC

Packsize International LLC is the leading provider of lean packaging systems for businesses with corrugated packaging needs. Packsize On Demand Packaging® gives companies unrivaled, just-in-time packaging solutions that make the right-sized box for every product, on demand. These optimized box configurations reduce corrugated inventory requirements, increase handling and transportation efficiencies, and minimize unnecessary space. A leading sustainable business practice, On Demand Packaging® also results in less waste, decreased damage rates, and increased customer satisfaction.

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