CMC CartonWrap 1000

As the largest North American z-Fold® supply chain leader, Packsize has partnered with CMC to offer the CartonWrap 1000 high-performance, automated packaging system. The CartonWrap 1000 addresses the packaging requirements of enterprise-level fulfillment companies that distribute a complex and varied range of products.

As the originator of On Demand Packaging® systems and solutions, Packsize expertly resolves today’s top packaging and shipping requirements. With the CartonWrap 1000, Packsize provides a single point of accountability to better guarantee throughput and uptime to ensure performance. This automatic, box-making system creates right-sized boxes from Packsize z-Fold® at speeds of up to 15 boxes per minute. Every box is customized for every product shipped.

The CMC CartonWrap 1000 also allows for a high degree of customization through the addition of a print system for logos, trademarks, and other information directly applied to the right-sized box; labeling systems can be integrated according to shipping requirements as well.