Safeguard Your Orders Against Damage with Packaging Software Solutions

Best intentions occasionally fall short. It’s bound to happen but when a customer’s order is on the line, it doesn’t matter how close you came to getting it right. Shortcomings in the shipping department are inexcusable. No one is going to be happy if their order arrives damaged due to poor planning on the part of the company they ordered it from. And much of this headache can be avoided because currently-available packaging software helps eliminate damage inflicted during delivery.

With technology on your side, your company’s shipping department can devise packaging solutions that make the most out of every square inch of real estate inside of a corrugated cardboard box. This software solution from Packsize, known as PackNet, can be combined with cubing and cartonization services to provide flawless shipping services that your clients count on.

In an August 2018 article from, which explores retail topics and trends, 21 percent of Americans who purchased oversized and odd-shaped items in the last year reported that their delivery arrived damaged. Let’s take a moment to appreciate how staggeringly high that number is. This is truly an epidemic in the shipping industry. This is according to findings from a uShip study, which notes that a “poor delivery experience” will reflect “negatively on a seller’s brand, regardless if fault lies with the carrier.”

RetailDive notes that “big carriers don’t want large packages” and they are now charging more to deliver them in the form of DIM weight charges. This additional fee on top of an already expensive shipping order is meant to help ensure smaller boxes and better handling, but that’s difficult to nail down. There’s been some in the industry who say that creating oversized boxes with lots of void fill is the best way to reduce damages, but the data does not back this up. The void fill often isn’t packed right, leading to extra space in the box for fragile items to bounce around in. The best thing for a company with shipping concerns is to guard against rough handling by creating snug-fit, right-sized packaging. This can be accomplished with Packsize packaging software that uses state-of-the-art design to keep workflow on track.

What does PackNet packaging software do for your shipping department? Supplemental product details beyond weight and dimensions are tracked and accounted for during the physical packing process, which goes a long way toward reducing damage via well-designed boxes. With the right reporting and dimensioning tools, project and customer attributes are all considerations that go above and beyond existing warehouse management systems.

Significant perks such as cavity fill and nesting, which warehouses and shipping departments need, are also available thanks to having the most recent software installed. The software can also be integrated with PackNet.Cube and PackNet.DIM. With these cube and cartonization services, companies can take optimized containers to the next level. In short, the latter takes item dimensions and fragility into account while the former is designed to produce a box that is sized right. Packsize also oversees these cubing and cartonization programs that round out a trifecta of smart shipping services.

For companies considering various methods to get orders to their destination without having the corners of the boxes crushed during delivery, Packsize can provide you with the right software that will increase customer satisfaction across the board.