10 Common LTL Accessorial Fees, and How You Can Avoid Them

With permission from Unyson 3PL providers, we wanted to share with our Packsize customers the common Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) accessorial fees that may be costing you more in shipping goods.


Common LTL Accessorial Fees and How They Affect Your Supply Chain was created by Unyson 3PL providers.

Packsize is particularly good at helping customers deal with LTL density rules, which are also regularly called dimensional or DIM weight charges. Our On Demand Packaging Solutions make packages 40% to 60% smaller. This translates to significant savings through the reduced void fill and corrugated. It also means lower DIM weight charges. A box that’s a cubic foot in size is charged as if it weighs 10 pounds or roughly the weight of a bowling ball.

Packsize can greatly reduce these DIM charges by helping you ship the smallest possible box. In addition, using smaller boxes minimizes damages, reduces material costs, and increases customer satisfaction.If you’d like to learn more about DIM charges and what you can do to reduce them, fill out the form below and download our free PDF guide, Ready for the New Dimensional Weight Charges.


Download your free DIM weight guide here.