The Bad Packaging Gallery of Summer ’13

As the summer winds down and the kids head back to school, we here at Packsize would like to take a moment to show you all of the bad packaging that we’ve been sent or have spotted on the internet during the last few months. Sit back, browse, and tell us in the comments which example you think is the most egregious example of a ridiculously over-packaged item.

1. At least it’s not packing peanuts. This customer had all these fun strips of cardboard come with their packaging.

2. The rare “Russian Nesting Doll” method of packaging, spotted on Twitter.

08-28-13 gallery of bad packaging 4

3. A gigantic box for a simple Coach bag.

08-28-13 bad packaging gallery 5

4. Shouldn’t a tube be sent…in a tube?

08-28-13 gallery of bad packaging 6

5. All this and a ton of packing peanuts for one bottle of nail polish. 

08-28-13 gallery of bad packaging 7

6. This box likely could have shipped 8 of these items.

08-28-13 bad packaging gallery 1

7. From a Facebook friend. What percentage of this box do you think is empty?

08-28-13 gallery of bad packaging 2

8. A box that’s at least 50% empty space, sent to me by a family member.

08-12-13 amazon camera

9. Here’s an item that was actually shipped to me this summer. Even a couple of inches of extra space can drastically increase the wastefulness of a box.

Picture Frame Box


10. This one was sent to me by a recently married friend. How many boxes does it take to ship an already boxed wedding gift? Three, apparently.

08-28-13 bad packaging gallery 3

And now some closing business: I hate to be that guy and point out that the holiday season is approaching before Halloween has even happened, but we all know that a ton of packages are about to be shipped to you. We would love nothing more than for you to take a photo of the worst packaging you have seen and share it with us. Remember, the best way to change the way your products are packaged is to let the world know that you are displeased with the status quo!

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