Three Simple Shipping Tips to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Shipping is an integral component of running an online store. When the process is executed smoothly, it can boost customer satisfaction and drive more sales. But, when things go wrong, the customer will be dissatisfied and less inclined to revisit your store or recommend it to others. With that said, here are three simple ways you can improve the efficiency of your shipping department and leave customers happy and satisfied.

Increase Order Visibility

Once they make a purchase, customers want to be able to track their order and know exactly when it will arrive. Your business should provide the customer with an accurate estimated ship date at checkout and on the receipt, as well as with a tracking number allowing them to track their order at every stage of order fulfillment. With this, a customer won’t ever feel unsure about how long package will take to arrive. If an issue arises that affects the shipment date, such as a natural disaster, then share this news on your website and social media channels, and also email your customers directly to keep them updated. Having a package arrive late without receiving notice or apology from the company will likely result is a displeased customer.

Use the Right Packaging

Product packaging is incredibly important, as it’s what protects a product and determines how much you’ll be charged by your shipping carrier. You shouldn’t use a box that’s too large. Using a large box increases the use of filler material, the risk of product damage, and the dimensional weight pricing. Fortunately, custom product packing solutions can resolve these potential problems. With custom product packaging, you can create a box in real-time specifically for the product you need to ship, including those irregular, hard-to-ship items. Using the right size box provides your product with the protection it needs, while also showing your customers that you’re sustainable.

Promote Your Brand

Product packaging isn’t just about protecting your products. It’s also about promoting your brand and providing a unique opening experience for the customer. Using custom boxes printed with your business’s logo increases brand awareness, plus shows the customer that you care about every step of their experience with your brand and sets your company apart from the competition.

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