An E-commerce distribution packaging revolution

Fulfil orders fast and efficiently with Packsize E-commerce distribution packaging.

Shipping products fast and efficiently

Customer demand is the top priority for most E-commerce companies. But speed often comes at the cost of correctly sized and sustainable packaging. With On Demand Packaging® technology, you can create fast and tailor-made boxes for every order.

Increase customer satisfaction with reduced damages and decreased shipping costs.

Cut costs and increase your employees’ job satisfaction with packaging automation.

Customise your packaging process

Since every fulfilment centre is different to the other, Packsize can customise your On Demand Packaging solution to match specific and multi-order requirements. Shown is a box-first solution designed to produce a correctly sized box before the picking process. Packsize can also perform more complex box-last workflows that involve scanning a unique ID when the products is picked and/or consolidated to trigger box production.

Packaging made to order with On Demand Packaging

Eliminate void fill and save money

Correctly sized packaging eliminates the need for peanuts, air pillows, and other void fillers to protect items. Using a box of the correct size means your products are packaged more securely and efficiently. Reducing unnecessary waste and product damage means happier customers and repeat business.

Lower material costs

Save money with more efficient packaging.

Reduce carbon footprint

Create less waste and use only recyclable materials.

Increase customer satisfaction

Ensure your products arrive safe and sound.

High-tech packaging software and automation

Packsize’s packaging software sends instructions to the machine within your distribution centre to create a perfectly-sized box just-in-time for packing. This speeds up your production workflow and enables your company to get orders out to customers quickly for improved customer satisfaction.

“We joined forces with Packsize at an extremely complex time when our business was transitioning to e-commerce. Their partnership approach meant that we were able to design a flexible solution for the here and now, and for the long term. The benefits went well beyond a packaging solution; delivering better data insights, multiple courier integration and courier selection criteria based on pack weight and dimension. Now we even use the system for temporary pick locations! It really is that flexible. That said, regarding packaging, we have made substantial savings in freight, packaging and labour and give our customers a more sustainable and eco-friendlier product.”

Gary Quinn, Logistics & Customer Technology Director Culpitt.

Save money and improve your packaging process with Packsize On Demand Packaging

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