West Pack 2013

Giants of the packing and shipping industries are descending upon Anaheim, California, this week to attend one of the largest packing seminars and meet and greets west of the Mississippi.  And Packsize is there.

We at Packsize feel this type of integration into the industry’s mainstream is vital to providing quality and efficient products to our customers.  Not only is West Pack a fantastic opportunity for us to interact with other companies in our industry, but it is also a chance for us to learn more about the advances taking shape in the packing industry.

We are constantly trying to learn all there is to know about how to be more effective in our packaging services and West Pack is allowing us to generate ideas from others in our industry.  West Pack also allows us to show other companies the advantages we have discovered from our patented customized packaging strategies.

Our customers know that we pride ourselves on our ability to save both money and the environmental impact of packaging through our unique customized packaging process.  Through this process we are able to custom build every box to fit precisely the item being shipped.

By so doing, we save our customers money on packaging supply costs and we save wasted supplies from ending up in an over-crowded landfill.  It is these two principles of our company, saving money and saving waste, that we at Packsize take the most pride in.

And it is this principle that we will be teaching others at West Pack this week and again at the end of July at the AWFS convention in Las Vegas.  To learn more about how our customized packaging services can save money and waste, feel free to visit our website at www.packsize.com or by attending the upcoming convention in Vegas and visiting our booth, booth #8110.