What a Smashed Box Means for Your Branding

One of the interesting things about sending out products as a business is the way that every factor can influence the consumer and their views. Often times, these factors are not always controllable- but they do make a difference.

One of these things which can influence a consumer is the way that they receive their package. When a customer gets a package from a company, the product reflects the company, but the experience of getting the product also reflects on the company.


When a package arrives at its destination and it has been smashed or the contents have been broken. It reflects very badly on the company. While that person is likely not going to be a customer again, that person is also likely going to have a ripple effect where they encourage others to not give business.

It is in the best interest of your company to be professional and in good standing at all times with your consumers. Being careless or wasteful is going to drive negative experiences and feedback.

When a package arrives at its location and it is custom fitted and sleek looking and is prompt in delivery, it has a positive effect that is going to inspire repeat business. Consumers know what they want, and there are many possible options out there for how they can get it. As such, it is very much in a company’s best interest to get their products to people on time and safely, in order to demonstrate the best of intentions.