What are the Greenest Countries?


The “going green” craze has really taken off in the past few years. If you’ve noticed more recycle bins around your town or you have been encouraged to shop for local produce, you may be taking part in this change without even realizing it!

The Environmental Performance Index, or EPI, ranks 163 countries based on a method of measuring the performance of national government related to environmental policies. The scale uses 25 indicators to rank the “greenest” countries in the world. This year the greenest countries are…

1.      Iceland – Iceland came in with a booming 93.5. Iceland has become proficient at using geothermal energy. 82% of the electricity and heat in Iceland comes from hydrogen and geothermal sources. Many people admire Iceland for the gorgeous scenery and breathtaking nature, much of this is able to be retained because of the country’s ability to accomplish its environmental policy goals.

2.      Switzerland – Switzerland landed second place with a score of 89.1. There are cities throughout Switzerland in which driving a car is prohibited. The government has also imposed a fee for disposing of trash in the country.

3.      Costa Rica – Costa Rica has been following in Iceland’s footsteps and has made huge strides in using renewable energy sources. The country has planted over five million trees in the past five years to attempt to reforest the areas of their country that were deforested for agriculture.

No matter where you live, it isn’t too late to start making your home, town and even city a greener place. Get involved with your community to find ways that you can make positive strides towards a greener country!