Worst Packaging Ever?


More than likely you understand just how ridiculous and excessive packaging can be as a result of your personal experiences.  You’ve probably had a package delivered to your home that is far larger than the item that is being delivered. Companies all around the world just don’t understand how to minimize the waste that they are producing by shipping their products in packages that are far too big for the product.

Just last week, Amazon really raised the bar in excessive packaging.  A Japanese Twitter showed one of the most excessive packaging jobs we have ever seen. The twitter user, @howl0904, ordered a single kaki persimmon form Amazon.

Yes, you can order fruit from Amazon. It was news to us to!

Anyways, when @howl0904’s doorbell rang the next day, they were surprised to find a courier holding an enormous box and waiting for a signature. After signing for the box, @howl0904 walked back inside and opened the cardboard box. This is what they found…


This single persimmon had been tightly wrapped in plastic and attached to the center of a box that was equipped to carry at least a dozen persimmons.

Excessive packaging is not only obnoxious, but it is wasteful. So, the next time that you decide you want to order your fruit from Amazon, maybe go in with a group of friends and order more than one persimmon.