Attain your most optimal packaging workflow

Packsize solves real supply chain problems starting with the entire packaging workflow.

Don’t let an inefficient process hold you back

Supply chains and warehouses are among the most complex parts of your business. With ever growing labor and floorspace concerns, we know we can’t just drop off drop off a machine and hope it leads to an efficient packaging line. Packsize knows your business is unique, which is why there are more than 2,000 unique Packsize solutions and workflows implemented worldwide.

Packaging. Product. Flow.

When we install a new On Demand Packaging® solution, Packsize engineers follow a holistic process to optimize your packaging workflow and maximize efficiency.

Learn the process

Packsize engineers get to know our your business. We ask questions and identify waste.

Dive into the data

We review the box data to analyze peaks and off-peak seasons. We’ll understand your upstream and downstream requirements as well as the optimal z-Fold® widths and overall packaging line needs.

Explore options

We take into consideration flow, product type, data, box designs, software integration, material handling equipment and more.

Develop the future state

Our engineers present you with a model of the future state in collaboration with Packsize. We provide a comprehensive solution catered specifically to you and your customers‘ needs.

Streamlined, fast, and automated packaging lines create a better environment for all

Happier and more productive employees

By switching to an On Demand Packaging system, employees have more time to create products, not packaging.

Optimized warehouse space

Creating a new packaging workflow eliminates the need for storing pre-made boxes and saves warehouse space.

Streamlined workflows

Solutions engineers can recommend additional equipment and software to build an entire comprehensive supply chain.

More sustainable supply chains

Incorporating lean practices into your workflow increases sustainability and reduces waste.

Consider the possibilities with an On Demand Packaging solution

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