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Easily maintain accurate product dimensional data in the cloud.
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Ease Of Useproduct information updated in minutes
Integrationseamlessly works with PackNet Cloud
Accuracyhave confidence in product data

Why Is Product Dimensioning Important?

Dimensioning is the process of measuring the products’ length, width, and height. It is important for sustainable shipping because it captures accurate product attributes which optimize the use of packaging material to reduce waste and emissions.

When your products are properly dimensioned, it allows you to make the right-size package for your products, avoiding excess material and filler that increases your shipping costs. By using eco-friendly packaging options, like a Packsize solution, you can further reduce your environmental impact and appeal to eco-conscious customers.

Product dimensioning helps you plan your inventory and warehouse management more efficiently, reducing the need for multiple storage locations or frequent transfers. You can also use product dimensioning to right-size your warehouse by scanning and storing product dimensions during your inbound processes and then strategically storing them to maximize racking space.  The dimensional data captured anywhere in your warehouse can be used when it comes time to package and ship those items to your customers.

How Does PackNet Dim Work?

PackNet Cloud Dim is an online dimensioning solution that uses advanced web and storage concepts to ensure that your inventory of SKU data is properly represented. The Packsize dimensioning software enables you to easily update the custom fields and properties of your inventory to enhance the data in your Warehouse Management System (or WMS).

Most WMS systems are difficult, and expensive, to update. PackNet Cloud Dim allows you to change the dimensions of your product data on the fly. When your vendor changes the shape of your product inventory, PackNet Cloud Dim enables flows for seamless management of these changes.

Simply remove the newly dimensioned product from an existing packaging flow, acquire the new dimensions with a dimensioning hardware (like the Packsize Scan2Pack) and then re-insert the product into your existing process. PackNet Cloud Dim pays for itself after only a few product changes.

What are the benefits of PackNet Cloud Dim?

By using our software, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Accurate dimensioning data: A large eCommerce retailer told us that they were losing over 15 million dollars a year due to bad dimensional data. Correct product information is crucial to any business, but it is a must when you move to automation.
  • Ease of use: Warehouse Management Systems are expensive to update and often require developers to make changes. With PackNet Cloud Dim, any authorized employee can update product information in a matter of minutes.
  • Seamless integration: While you can use PackNet Cloud Dim as a stand-alone solution, its real value shines when you pair it with PackNet Cloud Cube and PackNet Cloud Core. Your dimensioning data will instantly flow to our other solutions enabling end-to-end automation.

Why should you use PackNet Cloud Dim instead of other dimensioning solutions?

Packsize has been in the business of eco-friendly shipping for more than two decades. Sustainable packaging is our mission. We know how important accurate dimensional data is to this mission and PackNet Cloud Dim is the culmination of years of lessons learned.

Whether you want to use our dimensioning tools as a part of the Packsize Cloud ecosystem, or you want to use them stand-alone, PackNet Cloud Dim will save you money, reduce your carbon footprint, and make your customers happier.

How can I purchase PackNet Cloud Dim?

Interested in learning more? Contact us today and book a demo. Our experts will walk you through the PackNet Cloud Platform and show you what is possible.