PackNet Cloud Platform

A reliable cloud-based, software platform available for On Demand Packaging® solutions.
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Ease Of Useproduct information updated in minutes
Integrationseamlessly works with PackNet Cloud
Accuracyhave confidence in product data

Automate data flows and reduce error-prone processes

Take the guesswork out of selecting a box. Now packaging software will automatically calculate the best box style and packaging for each shipment with automated dimension capture and WMS integration.

Manage machine groups with packaging software

Prioritise box production and send orders to ensure that your packages are the right box style, with the correct z-Fold®, and at the right induction point.

Customized for each warehouse

With the ability to add additional modules to the PackNet Cloud Platform, each application will work together to provide the greatest On Demand Packaging solution.

Increase functionality and reporting with PackNet® software modules

PackNet Cloud Core is an intelligent online software solution that drives your right-sized packaging production, enables your packaging machines and equipment, and provides visibility into your carton production and processes.

PackNet Cloud Report is an online reporting solution that uses the power of big data to visualize the production environment. It offers visibility into carton (or box) production, corrugate usage, machine availability, trim rates and much more. It also provides easy access to the raw data that drive these visualizations.

PackNet Cloud Dim is an online dimensioning solution that uses advanced web and storage concepts to ensure that your inventory of SKU data is properly represented. The Packsize dimensioning software enables you to easily update the custom fields and properties of your inventory to enhance the data in your Warehouse Management System (or WMS).

PackNet Cloud Cube is an online cartonization solution that uses advanced algorithms to analyze the dimensions and weight of each item in an order. It then pairs the smallest possible box with the order. The box could be one from your set inventory, or it could be a right sized box made to order from a Packsize machine.

Automate your workflow with Packsize´s packaging software

Let us jointly customise a packaging solution that’s right for you.