The M Series

The next evolution in packaging

The M series combines speed and versatility to provide On Demand Packaging® solutions across any industry.
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Award winning On Demand Packaging technology and solutions

Our multi-patented, automated, On Demand Packaging machines stand as a model for automated packaging innovation and excellence. The M series is time-tested and functional for use across a wide variety of industries.

The gold standard for On Demand Packaging solutions

The EM7 is a robust right-sized packaging system that delivers the highest reliability for your most complex, custom box-making needs. As the industry staple in On Demand Packaging production, the EM7 can help your company achieve supply chain efficiencies, greater warehouse space, fewer product damages, and minimized void fill.

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A forward-thinking approach to modern packaging

Packsize’s M1® is built upon an intelligent design that delivers exceptional reliability, optimization, performance, and efficiency for all types of manufacturing businesses.

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