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Shipping products fast and efficient

With ecommerce demand at an all time high, it’s more important than ever to get more orders out the door, fast. Digging through box inventory to find one that will hold your products slows things down. With On Demand Packaging® technology you can create custom corrugated boxes that are right-sized for every single order in seconds. Not only does this speed up your ecommerce packaging process flow, but it results in more sustainable packaging by not wasting materials and taking up less space on trucks.

Protect your products with ecommerce distribution packaging →

Right-sized packaging on Demand® means your products will be more protected in transit. By right-sizing, you ensure that there is no extra space for things to bounce around, all while decreasing material costs. Custom boxes increase customer satisfaction by preventing damages and decreasing costs, for you and for them.

Decrease DIM Weight charges →

When ecommerce packages boxes are oversized, they cost more to ship. Become your own corrugated box manufacturer with Right-sized Packaging on Demand and reduce DIM weight charges.

Relieve labor shortage with ecommerce packaging →

Cut costs and increase your employees’ job satisfcation with an automated packaging system.

Customize your product packaging process

Since no two ecommerce fulfillment centers are exactly alike, Packsize customizes your automated packaging solution to match specific or multi-order requirements. Shown is a box first solutions designed to produce a right-sized custom corrugated box before the picking process. We can also implement more complex box last workflows that involve scanning a unique ID when the merchandise is picked and/or consolidated to trigger box production. We do more than provide box-making machines. We partner with you to find the solution that optimizes your warehouse model and gives you the best results.

A box-first process flow in an automated packaging warehouse environment.

Packaging made to order with on-demand ecommerce boxes

A perfectly sized box for an eCommerce order with multiple items.

Eliminate void fill and save money

Right-size Packaging on Demand eliminates the need for packing peanuts, air pillows, and other void fillers to protect items. Using a custom ecommerce boxes means your products will be packaged more securely and efficiently. Reducing unnecessary waste and product damage means happier customers and repeat business.


Automated right-sized packaging solutions for eCommerce

eCommerce demand is continuing to grow, and business must figure out to how adapt in order to meet this demand. Download our free eCommerce industry guide to learn how an automated right-sized packaging solution can streamline process flows and boost customer satisfaction.

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Decrease material costs

Save money with more efficient packaging.

Reduce carbon footprint

Create less waste and use only recyclable materials.

Increase customer satisfaction

Ensure your products arrive safe and sound.

High-tech packaging software and automation

Packsize’s packaging software sends instructions to our machine within your distribution center to create a perfectly sized box just-in-time to be packed. Automatede packaging solutions speed up your production workflow, enabling your company to get orders out to customers quickly, improving customer satisfaction from process to packaging.

A man using the touchscreen on a Packsize, right-sized box packaging machine.
An image of a warehouse worker packing a long-goods item using Packsize technology at Facido.
The approach how to design an innovative solution and technical process know-how of Packsize convinced us. We would like to deepen our cooperation even further in the future.
Ralf Yilmaz
Head of Logistics
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A photo of a scientist working with a magnifying device at Boston Scientific.
Packsize helped us accomplish our strategic goals by reducing our shipping damages and saving us freight, cardboard, and storage costs.
Frank Moonen
Director of Operations
Boston Scientific
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An image of a Packsize EM7 in action at DB Schenker.
It was an absolute eye-opener with regards to the efficiency and value this solution brings to a supply chain.
Raymond Jansink
Key Account Manager for Nokia Networks
DB Schenker
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A woman works with a Packsize automated boxing solution at Modellbau Härtle.
We don't ship air and filler, but precisely fitting boxes with the right goods.
Matthias Franz
Modellbau Härtle
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A photo that represents the amount of extra space obtained on a pallet of boxes after the package were right-sized with a Packsize solution at Staples.
Many times when you make investments in your supply chain, you are competing for capital with other parts of the company. This is one of the few times where the business unit heads are pushing the supply chain to implement the solution faster because it’s been such a win-win for everybody.
Don Ralph
SVP of Supply Chain & Logistics
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A photo of right-sized boxes on a conveyor at CEVA Logistics before final packaging.
Now, we have a perfectly fitting box for every order which results in reduced transportation costs and a smaller environmental footprint.
Mark Romme
Project Manager
CEVA Logistics
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A photo of right-sized boxes on a conveyor at CEVA Logistics before final packaging.
Now, we have a perfectly fitting box for every order which results in reduced transportation costs and a smaller environmental footprint.
Mark Romme
Project Manager
CEVA Logistics
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An image of trucks waiting to be loaded at a LOEWE warehouse.
The whole process was very cooperative, deadlines were met, contacts were always available and able to help, and the Packsize hotline always provided the answers we needed.
Vanessa Peter
Logistics Project Manager
LOEWE Logistics
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