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Reduce shipping costs, improve packing efficiency, and optimize your overhead with our latest cloud-based software.
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26% Less Cardboardright-sized boxes use less corrugated
40% Smaller Boxesless empty space means more boxes per truckload
Lower Transportation Costsoptimized carton sizes save money

What is Cartonization?

Cartonization is the process of evaluating the size, shape, and weight of every item to be shipped in order to determine the optimal packaging option. That includes a properly sized “carton” (cardboard box, or container) for a product, as well as how many and which products should go into it. When combined with a Packsize automated packaging machine (like the X5), cartonization means having a perfectly sized box for each order that is shipped.

Cartonization can help you save money on shipping costs by minimizing the cubic volume and weight of your packages, which are the main factors that determine your shipping rates. It can also help you reduce waste and your environmental impact by using less packaging materials and shipping less air. Additionally, cartonization can increase your productivity and customer satisfaction by speeding up the packing process and ensuring that your products are packed securely and arrive undamaged.

How Does PackNet Cloud Cube Work?

PackNet Cloud Cube is an online cartonization solution that uses advanced algorithms to analyze the dimensions and weight of each item in the order. It then pairs the smallest possible box with the order. The box could be one from your set inventory, or it could be a right sized box made to order from a Packsize machine.

The cartonization software business rules engine is configurable and can split orders into shipment that your business requires.

Our software can be integrated with warehouse management systems (WMS) or order management systems (OMS) to manage your inventory and orders. It can also be used with any packaging technology that you have in your warehouse.

What are the benefits of PackNet Cloud Cube?

By using our software, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Lower transportation costs: You can reduce your shipping by optimizing the number of cartons, packaging materials, and pallets used for a shipment.
  • Reduced corrugated usage: You can use up to 26% less cardboard by choosing the right size and type of carton for each product.
  • Less air shipped: You can ship up to 40% less empty space inside your packages by packing them as tightly as possible without compromising product protection.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction: You can delight your customers by delivering their orders faster, safer, and with less waste.
  • Greater sustainability: You can reduce your carbon footprint and environmental impact by shipping fewer trucks and planes and using fewer resources.

Why should you use PackNet Cloud Cube instead of other cartonization solutions?

To put it simply, Packsize has been in the business of sustainable shipping for more than two decades. Eco-friendly packaging is our mission. Central to that mission is removing as much waste from the packaging process as possible.

PackNet Cloud Cube is the brain of our operation and we’re happy to open it up to the world (whether you use our packaging technology or not).

How can I purchase PackNet Cloud Cube?

Interested in learning more? Contact us today and book a demo. We’ll show you what’s possible with our advanced cartonization software in the PackNet Cloud Platform.