A second chance to make it right

The box you send to a customer is their first impression. Now you have a second chance to make it right.


Tired of wasteful packaging?

We’ve all been there. You placed the order, eagerly await its arrival only to receive it in a less than perfect package. Ugh! You cringe at the plastic pouch, sigh at the big box and peanuts, but get mad (again!) when you find the item you couldn’t wait to own, broken.

The truth? This entire experience can be avoided by a brand that cares! E-commerce orders are projected to grow a whopping 40% this year. Now, more than ever, it is vital for companies that care to make a change to their packaging that benefits consumers and the environment alike.

Smart companies understand the value of every customer touch point.

Items damaged in transit is the top reason for returns.* In addition to dissatisfied customers, the returns negatively impact your day-to-day business, and cause you to increase the price of products to cover the expected returns.

There is a better way. Implement smarter packaging with Packsize. We’ll help you improve your customer experience, reduce unsustainable waste, and provide a frustration-free experience for all.

You’ve worked hard to build your customer base, don’t let an inefficient process negatively affect your business. We’ll evaluate your workflow and show you how Right-sized Packaging On Demand® can work for you.

* source: SaleCycle, 2020

How much of your value is at risk?

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