The Possibilities are Life Changing

How uses Packsize solutions to right-size unique shipments and “upskill” its workforce


Streamlined packaging operations


Reduced labor costs by 24-35%


Provided career advancement

Mission Matters

Joni Beard
Packaging Lead

Goodwill’s mission of helping people overcome challenges and build new skills means a lot to Joni Beard, packaging lead. “I will always be grateful for Goodwill,” said Beard who has worked for the nonprofit for 14 years. “They picked me up at a time in my life that I probably would have been lost forever.” The alignment between Packsize and Goodwill emphasizes this focus on people by providing job opportunities that make a difference in employees’ lives and those they serve.

Guillermo Olguin
Packsize Operator

After hiring on at Goodwill as a temporary worker, Guillermo Olguin wasn’t sure if he’d keep his job during the Covid-19 pandemic. Because he had the skills needed for the Packsize machine, he was hired on permanently as a Packsize Operator to keep shipments running. “He was a shy, low-key guy in the background,” said Senior Ecommerce Business Operations Manager Ted Mollenkramer. “And now he’s in the forefront, he’s a leader, he’s training people—he’s a whole different Guillermo.” Being the one in charge of the packaging process is important to Olguin. “The department can’t run without Packsize,” said Olguin. “And since I’m the one working with the machine, I feel like I’m really the one making this all go.”

“Packsize was the right solution for us because it enabled us to create a custom box for every single item we ship—from a G.I. Joe to an Espresso Machine and beyond.”

Ted Mollenkramer, Senior Ecommerce Business Operations Manager at

The Solution: A life-changing packaging process

Since implementing the Packsize iQ Fusion® at their Orange County warehouse in 2017, has experienced the far-reaching results of Right-sized Packaging on Demand®. With the ability to create a wide variety of box sizes as needed, they no longer need to store a large box inventory. Shipping efficiencies have been achieved, enabling more items to reach customers, without damage, each day. This means more revenue to support Goodwill’s life-changing programs and services for individuals with disabilities. As an added benefit, the Packsize system reduced their labor costs by 24-35% and allowed for specialized employee training. “This gave us a new avenue to truly live out the Goodwill mission of helping people find meaningful jobs and career advancement opportunities in our warehouse,” said Ted Mollenkramer, Senior Ecommerce Business Operations Manager at

We take four packages made prior to switching to Packsize and repackage them using a Right-sized Packaging on Demand(R) system.

We take four packages that were made prior to switching to Packsize and repackage them using an iQ series packaging machine and right-sized packaging solution.

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