Custom Packaging for ultimate Product Protection at Interroll Obrigheim

Efficiency, sustainability, and product protection through modern packaging technology.
58% reduction in corrugated cardboard and material consumption
Optimized packaging and transport processes
In-transit damages reduced with custom packaging
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The Challenge: 

Oversized Packaging and too much void fill

Interroll Obrigheim: A global pioneer in material handling solutions

Founded in 1959, the Interroll Group is a global pioneer in material handling solutions. With an extensive product range that includes conveyor rollers, drives, and pallet handling, the company supplies system integrators and plant manufacturers around the world. Interroll's solutions are used in a wide range of industries, from postal services and ecommerce to airports, food & beverage, fashion, and automotive sectors. Leading brands such as Amazon, Bosch, Coca-Cola, DHL, Nestlé, Procter & Gamble, Siemens, Walmart, and Zalando are among its users.

At the Mosbach (Germany) site, Interroll produced a variety of modules that were often shipped in oversized packaging with excessive void fillers. This led to an increased risk of damages during transit, particularly for fragile glass products. This, along with the need to reduce material waste, led Interroll to seek a better packaging solution. Their goal was to develop an efficient and uniform packaging solution that would increase product protection, significantly reduce waste, and minimize the number of returns resulting from damage.

Previous Packaging Design at Interroll Obrigheim
Interroll Obrigheim: Previous packaging design
Interroll Obrigheim: New Custom Packaging with Packsize
Interroll Obrigheim: New custom packaging with Packsize
Packsize has given us the happy medium: Efficient packaging, less waste, and a strong step forward for sustainability. Our collaboration has not only resulted in a smooth process, but also more satisfied customers and more sustainable shipping. A real win for everyone involved!
Rudolf Shmidt
Logistics Project Manager
Interroll Obrigheim

The Solution:

Custom Packaging for optimum Product Protection and improved Sustainability

Interroll Obrigheim decided to partner with Packsize to integrate a custom packaging solution. After careful planning and process adaptation, a Packsize EM7-35 was installed in August 2023. The EM7-35 allows packaging production to be tailored to perfectly fit the products being shipped. Along with the EM7, Interroll’s Packsize solution also includes an Auto Gluer and a strapping machine.

Packsize AutoGluer at Interroll Obrigheim
Packsize Auto Gluer

Packsize EM7-35 solution at Interroll Obrigheim.
Packsize EM7-35 solution

The switch to the EM7 led to an almost 60% reduction incorrugated board and material consumption at Interrol, plus optimization of the entire packaging process. Processing times were reduced and the packaging itself became more flexible, visually appealing, and functional. A key customer of Interroll praised the visible, marked improvements to the packaging.

Conclusion and outlook

The Packsize integration was a complete success for Interoll Obrigheim and resulted in significant optimization of the packaging and transport processes. The positive results have led Interroll to consider implementing Packsize technology into their other warehouses.