VEGA Grieshaber - Together We Move to Automation

From standalone machines to semi- and fully- automated packaging lines, VEGA uses sustainable and custom packaging to drive growth.
Faster Packaging
Less Manual Labor
Reduction In Floor Space Required
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The Goal: 

VEGA Grieshaber places great value on ergonomics - Partnership drives Packaging Automation

Packsize and VEGA have been working together since 2012. The partnership has evolved over time and has enabled both companies to navigate an ever changing business landscape. What began as an effort to create right-sized packages for VEGA’s products, has moved into a joint effort to automate as many of VEGA's processes as possible and to provide an ergonomic and sustainable future.

VEGA Grieshaber- A pioneer in innovative measurement technology

VEGA Grieshaber KG employe during the production of measuring instruments  in Schiltach.

VEGA Grieshaber KG employs over 2,100 people worldwide, over 1,000 people work at its headquarters at Schiltach in the Black Forest. For more than 60 years, measurement technology has turned into reality: for chemical and pharmaceutical plants, food and beverage manufacture, drinking water supply and sewage treatment plants, mining operations, power generation, oil platforms, recycling, shipping and aerospace industries.

"By reacting self-reliantly and courageously to new situations, we change the future. Being open to new ways of thinking brings more advantages than any standard operating procedure, no matter how sophisticated. The focus of our work is always on the requirements of our customers." Isabel Grieshaber - CEO, Vega Grieshaber KG.

A project focused on Sustainability, ergonomics, and future growth

VEGA focuses on simplicity and on people to make life easier and more secure. VEGA and Packsize are working on an ergonomic approach for jointly designing specific process flow solutions to optimize:

  • Packaging Automation (ergonomic reliefs and the simplification of transport handling)
  • Packaging Processes and Throughput
  • Space & Growth: The solution saves a lot of floorspace (without the footprint reduction the current building would have been too small
  • Scalability to further Production Sites in other countries
  • Fostering Innovation: Tailored solutions to address specific business challenges

What does partnering with Packsize mean? 

Partnering with Packsize means joining forces with a leader in sustainable packaging solutions. It involves adopting innovative technology and practices to create custom-sized packaging, and it involves reducing waste and shipping costs. Packsize's eco-friendly materials and data-driven software contribute to a greener, more efficient supply chain. This partnership represents a commitment to sustainability, cost savings, and operational excellence in your packaging processes.

Packsize is more than just a vendor. For VEGA Grieshaber, partnering with Packsize means implementing solutions across VEGA's entire processes family. Partnership is key for Automated Packaging success.

VEGA Grieshaber & Packsize: Corporate values that connect

VEGA develops solutions that inspire with innovative technology and services. "Through our sense of simplicity and our focus on people, we are looking to the future with curiosity. Locally grounded and globally connected, together we give values - measurement values as well as human values – a home. VEGA is the HOME OF VALUES. We create values to make life easier and more secure." (Source: VEGA Website)

An image of the Black Forest - VEGA Grieshaber KG is based in Schiltach.
The Black Forest - VEGA Grieshaber's Home

Packsize also places great emphasis on company values. The Packsize core values are:

  • Succeeding Together based on collaboration with partners and customers to empower each other
  • Innovate Passionately that describes the company's strategic and creative approach to provide innovative and purposeful solutions
  • Drive Sustainability by using resources wisely, and strive to build a more renewable, sustainable community and future

The aligned values forged a strong foundation for a great partnership between the two companies over the last 10 years.

Packsize revolutionizes the packaging of our sensors. With the innovative packaging lines, we can optimize the space and improve our future increasing output: The solution saves layout and manual labor.
Ann-Christin Dietmeier
Head of Logistics
VEGA Grieshaber

The Solution:

Future-proof & Scalable Packaging Automation as success factors

Three becomes one: 3 Automation projects stand for 1 VEGA solution

Three individual packaging lines for different sensors, from long and heavy sensors to pre-packaged sensors to completely customized orders, can be packed with the VEGA full packaging solution - To fit what VEGA's world needs now, and in the future for further production sites. Together with Becker Sonder-Maschinenbau GmbH, a special machine builder, the solution came to life.

"A very outstanding project for me is the outer packaging project for level sensors. Here, pre-packed products are packed and sealed fully automatically into a shipping package with the help of robots. We produce the box with endless corrugated from Packsize. This may sound simple, but it requires a very high level of automation. It's a very complex and innovative machine solution" said Tristan Stöppel - Project Manager, Becker.

Solution 1: LONG GOODS - Driving towards ergonomic Packaging

Project Results & Benchmarks

Box dimensions (mm): 

Min: L 1000 x W 170 x H 170
Max: L 6300 x W 300 x H 300

Cycle Time: 2 boxes per minute, Box Last Process

Key Successes & Added Value

Semi automated ergonomic process improves productivity and significantly lowers operational cost for packing of heavy and long sensors.

Packaging Process

The products are manually placed on the product belt and recorded by the customer's IT system using suitable technology (e.g. barcode scanner). As soon as the data is transferred to the machine control system, the product conveyor conveys the product towards the folding table, freeing the space for the next product. The machine control manages the data of the products on the Product Conveyor and passes it on to the EM7 control system so that the EM7-35 starts to produce the box. While the Product Conveyor is loaded with items, they arrive at the folding table where they are served to the operators for insertion into the packaging. The product conveyor is height-adjustable to support ergonomics when picking up heavy and long sensors. The "operator side" on the folding table is on the right side to avoid unnecessary running back and forth of the operator when handling small products.

The packaging blanks, which are transported from the EM7-35 via the cross conveyor to the folding table, are manually assembled into a package consisting of a box and various clamps. The folding table supports the manual process with a vacuum suction cup and a folding chute. When the manual work on the folding table is finished, the carton is conveyed to the gluing unit by pressing the foot switch and is automatically sealed there with hot glue. As it passes through, the sealed carton is transferred to the outfeed conveyor, where the lid flaps are automatically pressed on while the hotmelt cools down. After the cooling time has elapsed, the product is automatically weighed by the integrated scale and then the shipping label is applied directly by the labeller. As soon as the box is ready, it is automatically pushed onto the buffer table of the outfeed conveyor, from where it can be transported further manually.

Otto Friedl, Senior Account Manager at Packsize adds: "This sustainable packaging solution shows how ergonomic, easy, and future oriented packaging solutions even for heavy products can be. I am happy to have been part of the VEGA journey for over 10 years - A great partnership with the approach to stay always ahead. People are the company's greatest asset and ergonomic packaging improves employee lives."

Conclusion - Stay ahead through Packaging collaboration

In a rapidly changing world, where speed and efficiency are paramount, packaging automation has emerged a necessity. It streamlines processes, reduces errors, and enhances productivity. Implementing automation solutions can be a complex undertaking that requires expertise and resources beyond the capabilities of most organizations. This is where partnerships come into play. By collaborating with automation solution providers, manufacturers and distributors can leverage their specialized knowledge, cutting-edge technologies, and industry insights.

"The VEGA project is a great example of how such partnerships enable businesses to optimize their packaging processes, improve product quality, and meet ever-increasing customer expectations. Through collaboration, organizations can co-create tailored automation solutions that address unique business challenges. This not only accelerates the pace of technological advancements but also allows companies to stay ahead" commented Anna Hornig - Strategic Project & Development Manager, Packsize.

Packsize is committed to making a difference. Be part of it. Contact us to learn how we can grow together.

More to come: Part 2 of Vega's customer story will follow soon

All process details, key successes, and added value of Solution 2 (Pre-Packaging) and Solution 3 (Outer Packaging) will follow in early 2024. Stay tuned.