Efficient, sustainable, and ergonomic

A completely customised process for sun protection items for windows
Improved ergonomics for packers
Elimination of manual steps between product preparation and shipping warehouse
Less packaging material, less storage
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The Challenge: 

FACIDO used standard cardboard boxes that wasted material, increased process steps, and reduced shipping quality


FACIDO GmbH evolved from the DIY system supplier: suki.international and was founded on January 1, 2010. They employ around 60 dedicated individuals that ensure smooth processes and satisfied customers. FACIDO's service headquarters are located in Landscheid and its logistics headquarters are in Dreis-Brück. The company aims to support other organizations in logistics and distribution processes, so that they can concentrate on their core business.

Project Goals

The project was initiated by Ralf Yilmaz, head of operations and logistics at the suki-group, "We previously worked with standard cartons. Unfortunately, these are not optimal in terms of material consumption, work steps and shipping quality. In search of optimization, we contacted the team at Packsize and Becker. Together we were able to develop a complete customized packaging process that fits to our requirements. The solution convinced us in terms of efficiency and ergonomics for our employees," explains Yilmaz.

The approach how to design an innovative solution and technical process know-how of Packsize convinced us. We would like to deepen our cooperation even further in the future.
Ralf Yilmaz
Head of Logistics

The Solution:

A completely customised process for sun protection items for windows

The dimensions of the ordered products flow from the merchandise management system directly to the Packsize EM7-35. This produces a customized carton for each individual order. At the same time, the order items reach the packing station. A vacuum folding table then erects the carton. The FACIDO employee places the articles in the carton before it is automatically sealed with hot glue. This eliminates the previously necessary routes and operations between product supply and shipping warehouse. "Thanks to the semi-automated packaging line, the workload of our employees is not only significantly reduced, we can also use their their skills more efficiently," says Yilmaz.

Results & Outlook

Thanks to the semi-automated packaging system FACIDO can ship each individual customer order in in customized cartons. This reduces the consumption of materials considerably. In total 70% of the filling material and 45% of the total material costs are saved. In addition, the packaging process has been optimized in terms of efficiency. FACIDO is currently using the complete solution for articles in the area of sun protection, such as blinds and roller blinds. A second line packs carpets and sanitary accessories. The system is used to serve both retail customers as well as end consumers who order from home improvement stores or directly from the manufacturer. "The innovative solutions and Packsize's outstanding technical and process know have convinced us. We would like to deepen our cooperation even further in the future," says Ralf Yilmaz.

Facido - Employee packs products at Packsize folding table.
Facido's semi-automated-packaging line - full Packsize solution.