Ergonomic packaging, improving employee lives and the bottom line

How relaxed packing & heavy sunscreen products fit together
Improved ergonomics for packers
Less packaging material, less storage
Cycle time 30 sec./box, box length up to 7.3 m
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The Goal: 

Reflexa places great value on ergonomic working, especially with heavy and large products such as awnings and external venetian blinds

Reflexa: A Pioneer in Sun and Insect Protection

Established in 1961, Reflexa has transformed from a modest family venture to a leading manufacturer of sun and insect protection technology in Europe. Based in Rettenbach, Bavaria, Reflexa takes pride in its "Made in Germany" seal, emphasizing flexible solutions and technical excellence.

Their diverse product line includes external venetian blinds, roller shutters, awnings, and pleated blinds. Beyond the product's functionality, Reflexa prioritizes captivating design, a rich color spectrum, and adaptability. Although their extensive product dimensions offer vast choices to customers, they also presented logistical challenges, particularly in ergonomics and efficiency.

Harnessing “Wohnfühlen” at Home

Reflexa envisions a world where everyone feels "Wohnfühlen" in their homes. They want their customers and their employees to enjoy the comfort of Reflexa products in their residences. Equally, the well-being of their employees is paramount, making the ergonomics of their packaging and shipping process essential to the brand's success.

Collaboration with Packsize: A Game-Changer

Reflexa and Packsize share a deep-rooted partnership. While Packsize has previously elevated Reflexa's productivity and sustainability, both parties felt a pressing need to further enhance warehouse ergonomics.

Together, they innovated a tailored solution combining a Packsize cutting machine with Becker Sonder-Maschinenbau components. New workstations were introduced to minimize the physical strain of packing larger items. Coupled with Packsize's automated packaging systems and smart conveyance, this revolutionized the workflow, making it both efficient and employee-friendly.

Folding Table at Reflexa for easy folding of Packsize boxes.
An employee closes a box at a folding table. The box is lowered for easy & ergonomic access.
Packsize Z-Fold behind Reflexa EM7 for infinite box designs.
An image of Packsize z-fold corrugated cardboard.
Customized Packsize / Becker packaging solution for external venetian blinds & awnings at Reflexa.
A fully packaged set of blinds, labeled and ready for shipment.

Packaging has never been so ergonomic, sustainable, and efficient.
Wolfgang Egenberger
Head of Materials Management

The Solution:

Ergonomic, sustainable, and optimized processes as well as customized packaging solutions are the success factors of this project

Achieving Twin Goals with Tremendous Benefits

Sustainability: Reflexa realized their environmental objectives by adopting on-demand packaging in perfectly tailored boxes. This not only conserved packaging materials but also allowed more products per shipment, thus cutting down vehicle needs and their CO2 emissions. The shift to hot glue over staples also rendered their packaging more recyclable.

Ergonomics: The heart of the project lay in valuing people. The main gains weren't just in efficiency and higher throughput, but in fostering a safe and healthy work environment. Ergonomic workstations equipped with folding tables and innovative lifting devices facilitated seamless packaging. Reflexa didn't just enhance packaging speed and effectiveness; they prioritized their employees' health.

In Summary

Reflexa and Packsize's collaboration yielded:

·        Enhanced ergonomics with reduced physical strain for employees.

·        Boosted customer satisfaction through superior packaging sealing techniques.

·        Diminished carbon footprints via efficient packaging and maximized shipment loads.

·        A surge in productivity, cutting cycle times to30 sec/box for boxes up to 7.3m in length.

Reflexa sun awning packed by Packsize / Becker solution.
An image of a Reflexa awning.