Fully automated packaging solutions

Packsize offers the most advanced, eco-friendly packaging automation in the industry.

Your packaging environment is changing

Working with leading brands worldwide, Packsize has advanced its reputation for right-sized On Demand Packaging® technology in smart manufacturing, workflow integration, and protective packaging designs. Through an efficient, made-to-order process flow designed by our system engineers, Packsize will expertly optimise order size, material requirements and throughput. Whole process flows and software integration services, together with a proprietary full-service subscription model, maximise your entire workflow and packaging environment.

Processes that deliver packaging automation

Packsize provides a wide range of automated box-making possibilities designed to create right-sized boxes, on demand, exactly when you need them. Our Packsize solution streamlines the packaging process, reduces the number of packing stations, and frees up valuable warehouse space.

A fully customisable solution 

Packsize On Demand Packaging® solutions can be integrated into your existing production line or stand-alone, depending on your unique packaging requirements. Our combination of precise technology, equipment, software, and services gives you a packaging system that is completely based on your needs. Therefore, we accomplish the whole design process jointly with you as our customer.

Fast. Reliable. Smart.


With Packsize’s broad range of advanced and automated packaging machines, you can scale to the level of automation you require. Create four to 20 boxes per minute. Achieve a 20-30% faster output with automated packaging over competitive solutions. 


Packsize incorporates industry-leading manufacturing and development to address complex packaging requirements. Our technicians design streamlined packaging operations based on your unique environment.

Operational Cost Savings

On Demand Packaging automation is proven to speed up box production, cut down on corrugated and shipping expenses, optimize warehouse space, and reduce reliance on packaging labour.

The best option for your business

Backed by an international support organisation of expert engineers and technicians, Packsize provides a full portfolio of packaging options and services for every unique packaging environment. Our wide range of custom box-making solutions are designed to increase productivity while decreasing costs and your carbon footprint.

X series

Offering smart packaging automation to fast-paced, high-volume fulfilment centers.

M series

Combining speed and versatility to provide On Demand Packaging solutions across any industry.

iQ series

Bringing lean On Demand Packaging solutions to industries wanting to reduce waste.

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