Automate your packaging line and reduce labour costs

Packsize can help you cut costs and enrich your employees’ jobs.

Why labour costs are key to profitability

In Europe, the average full-time employee costs roughly €50,000 a year. And when you add in managing a workforce that may double in size during a peak season, it’s no surprise that reducing labour expenses is one of the most essential tasks for companies wanting to improve profitability.


of a warehouse’s total operating budget goes toward labour costs.

A warehouse and workforce that are easier to manage

Packsize provides efficient packaging automation proven to handle everyday packaging demands and seasonal surges, while dramatically reducing labour costs.

Switching to an On Demand Packaging® solution frees up many tasks for your warehouse employees.


No box inventory to manage


Right-sized box made on demand


Reduce product damages


Use less void fillers in shipments

Upskill and reskill employees

Unlock your employees’ true potential by adding new and exciting responsibilities. Many Packsize customers no longer hire as many temporary holiday employees and cut down on the training hours that are needed, while still improving overall productivity.

A solution that can work for you

A leading specialty retailer and Packsize customer reduced its workforce during the holiday season after streamlining their packaging operations through Packsize automation. By collaborating with Packsize, the retailer achieved saving goals with an increase in order throughput requiring less labour.


Reduction of full-time employees during holiday season


Improvement in overall productivity


 Reduction in training hours

Proven On Demand Packaging Technology & Solutions

Packsize originated and popularised the method of right-sizing in three dimensions to produce a corrugated box for a same-sized item. Today, Packsize offers you a complete portfolio of On Demand Packaging solutions.

Packsize will expertly optimise order size, material requirements, and packaging throughput through an efficient, made-to-order process flow designed by our system engineers together with the customer. Maximise your entire workflow and packaging environment with seamless technology and software integration services, and a proprietary full service subscription model.

The first system to feature On Demand Packaging automation, the X4 combines four packaging functions into one.

A fully automated line to make, pack, and ship a right-sized box in just three seconds.

Streamline your packaging operations

Use Packsize’s long-standing industry expertise and innovative automation solutions to solve your packaging workflow challenges today.