Connect your facility to the future

Increase productivity and sustainability with a Packsize On Demand Packaging® solution.

Streamline your packaging process

The trend goes towards lean processes and order fulfilment. On Demand Packaging technologies allow for better use of warehouse space, labour, resources, and money.

Save money and time using an On Demand Packaging system.

Speed is everything. Create right-sized packaging exactly when you need it.

Fitting more on a truck and using fewer trees shows you care about our planet.

How right-sized and on demand packaging works

Packsize’s box making machines can be customised for any workflow. Simply enter your product dimensions into the machine (either via a barcode or volume scan, manual scan, or your WMS). z- Fold® is then fed into the machine and cut into a perfectly sized box. These multi-patented, automated On Demand Packaging machines are suitable for large box production environments across a wide variety of industries.

Smarter Packaging for a Healthy Planet®

A high-tech solution to the corrugated cardboard box

An On Demand Packaging system is a solution designed to run mission-critical processes and analyse data in real-time. Our PackNet® software can connect your entire network of production and distribution facilities to a dependable and secure On Demand Packaging system. PackNet makes it easy to extract and analyse data captured by the box making machine. As a result, you can make faster and better real-time decisions.

Cost savings

Reduce material & shipping costs.

Increase efficiency

Achieve supply chain efficiencies and reduce labour needs.

Improve turnaround time

Improve turnaround time to meet customers’ expectations.

Increase sustainability

Decrease environmental impact and minimise the use of plastic void fillers.

Simplify your process and eliminate your box inventory

Packsize technology allows for better use of warehouse space, labour, resources, and money. There’s no need to search for the right box when you can design and make a custom box on demand. By creating the right-sized box, you also produce less waste and reduce product damage, generating repeat business.

Packsize can help you save money and improve your current process

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