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Nobody wants damaged goods. Packsize On Demand Packaging® solutions can minimise damages to products that often occur due to movement inside an oversized box. Packsize can help ensure your products stay safe during shipment and reach your customer as you intended.

Custom product packaging results in improved customer satisfaction and gets fewer complaints due to product damage

Packaging design and testing

Turn to a packaging expert when you need a second opinion or a more solid box design. With package testing, you can uncover and fix potential design flaws, structural problems, or hazards your package may encounter through the supply chain—before an issue becomes a problem for your customer.

ISTA® Procedures

Packsize follows ISTA® testing protocols, which simulates the stress and environment that packages encounter during normal shipping processes. ISTA-grade procedures can be conducted by Packsize to obtain real-time results in a controlled environment—speeding up the process for isolating and correcting potential issues.

Optimise your package design more efficiently than other packaging solutions

Fast prototyping and revisions

Packsize’s machines can produce packaging design prototypes on-demand and in the same facility, the testing takes place.

Instant results

Packsize package testing provides immediate results based on real-time data, with full reporting and transparency, providing you with better packaging solutions.

Continuous Improvement and Benefits

Based on in-the-field results, we can adjust packaging concepts to fit your individual product’s needs.

Customers who use On Demand Packaging designs see the following benefits


Minimised waste


Less damaged products


Reduced materials and resources


Increased customer satisfaction

Custom, cost-effective, and sustainable packaging designed in days

The French garage door manufacturer SDA has already been working successfully on recycling and reducing a high percentage of their waste. The challenge for the On Demand Packaging® system was to contribute to the sustainability efforts even further, optimise SDA’s warehouse space as well as increase their throughput.

Because SDA manufactures customised doors, their packaging process is very specific. Each package must be adapted to the dimensions of the individual door.

“So, the Packsize solution is ideal for us”, said Oliver David, R&D responsible SDA.

Improve your packaging with confidence

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