3 Reasons Why Making Custom Boxes With A Box Making Machine Are Important

October 3, 2017

Custom Boxes and Custom Box-Making Machines

For companies tasked with getting products directly from their production lines and into the hands of the consumer, there’s often no better way to cut down on costs than by using on demand custom boxes. Having custom boxes for each order is revolutionary and is changing the way shipments are made. By utilizing a custom box-making machine, companies will now have access to a device that can create several custom packages. These boxes make it easier to fit the item you need to get shipped out in the mail. The reasons for investing in a custom box-making machine and custom boxes vary, but companies who’ve taken the leap have seen benefits on many fronts. These benefits include cutting down on waste and going green, improving and streamlining the shipping process, and helping  your customer get what they want in the smallest box possible. In this article, we’ll explore why employing a custom box-making machine in your production facility can be a feather in your company’s cap.

1) Gone Green: Cardboard comes from trees, trees create oxygen, and people need oxygen. One way to that companies can go green is by cutting down how much paper and corrugated cardboard they end up tossing in landfills. By having a custom box-making machine,  you’ll get custom packaging boxes that better fit the products you’re shipping out. Having a custom box the right size also cuts down on the filler that goes inside them such as packing peanuts, air pillows, and bubble wrap, thus helping to cut down on the plastics that normally make their way to the local dump.

2) Streamlined: Having lots of different box sizes takes up a lot of space; while having stacked sheets of corrugated cardboard will not. By getting rid of box clutter, you’ll free up space that can be better utilized to store other materials such as raw materials, finished goods or even ready-to-ship boxes. Another perk of having a custom box-making machine is that you can make several sizes of boxes with only a few stacks of corrugated cardboard. Lastly, by having a custom on demand box-making machine, it is likely that you can have fewer employees and less management to worry about, since several of the tasks are automated. Packsize customer, DecoPac, reduced their inventory from 11 box sizes down to just three widths of that z-Fold, DecoPac now creates 150 different box sizes.

3) Consumer’s always right: Customers want their products to arrive in one, reasonably sized box, intact and not have to throw out heaps of crushed cardboard and filler on trash day. Having custom box services ensures that  both of these concerns are addressed, as better-fitting boxes reduce the need for filler and in turn create a safer package. As a custom packaged box is smaller than the average corrugated cardboard package, there’s less waste for consumers to have to deal with —clearly a win-win for your business and its customers.

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