Can Smaller Packaging Save The World?

October 5, 2012

Becoming more environmentally friendly is a great way to feel good about your business.  There are many customers that will also have an increased level of respect and loyalty for your company, if they know that you are doing all that you can to keep your company environmentally friendly.

One of the major ways that companies waste materials in the United States is through their packaging. Here are some facts about packaging in our world today…

  • Billions of packages travel the world yearly
  • Our packages have an average of 40% extra space per package
  • This extra space wastes travelling and packaging materials
  • 30% of all trash generated each year comes from containers and packaging (that is 63 times the weight of all of the U.S. Aircraft carriers, combined!)
  • Corrugated cardboard boxes, plastic filler and Styrofoam make up about 30 million tons of waste

Many different companies propose and sell ideas about packaging that is different, eco-friendly or biodegradable.

We are all about the simple and effective answers. We decided to just make our boxes smaller.

If boxes simply fit the material that they were shipping properly we would see…

  • 26% decrease in corrugated materials
  • Savings of 6 million tons of corrugated cardboard
  • Elimination of over 92 billion cubic feet of shipping space
  • Avoidance of 1.4 billion cubic feet of new landfill
  • 64 million barrels of oil would no longer be needed in cardboard production
  • Making boxes smaller would have the same effect as taking 7 million cars off the road

We provide companies with sustainable packaging machines that make boxes that will fit their products perfectly. Leading companies in the United States have learned this and have started making their own boxes, rather than buying them.

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