Custom Boxes Make The Furniture Trip A Safe One From Showroom To Living Room

September 11, 2018

When it comes to packaging furniture, there’s a huge gap between the showroom and your living room. For every sectional, corner chair and end table that’s on display under enticing bright lights, there are two dozen items just like them sitting in the warehouse waiting to be ordered. Once that order is placed, the real activity gets under way and additional operations spring into action. This includes the efforts of custom box-making companies who aid in the process. Since oversized furniture is so unwieldy, every order is susceptible to damage. Because of this, it is essential that every box shipped is packed in a way that keeps the furniture damage-free during delivery.

A box-making machine in your company’s shipping facility can produce custom boxes that will uniquely fit each and every order. That’s because the dimensions of the item leaving the warehouse are used to calculate a custom box that’s made on the spot. For example, the Jamie Mae high-back chair from EJ Victor has a height of 36 inches, a depth of 25.5 inches and a width of 21 inches. A Packsize machine can make a box that not only fits that chair perfectly, but even L-shaped boxes that allow for extra storage space. You can read more about what we’ve done for EJ Victor here.

On Demand Packaging® produces the box just in time to fit the chair, and it can be reinforced to protect the chair’s legs and crossed braces. Upon arrival, the last thing anyone wants to see during unpacking is a beautiful and ornate chair with a shattered wooden leg. With a custom box, weak or vulnerable points on a piece of furniture can be accounted for during the box designing process. Packsize machines can print corner protections and interior filaments that can add extra protection for those weak points. Overall, this will help decrease customer complaints and returns so your company’s shipping department can devote more time to sales.

Using a custom box-making machine is also a money-saving venture. Keeping a plethora of unmade corrugated cardboard boxes in storage is expensive and requires a lot of management, as the stockpile needs to be replenished with boxes of varying sizes to fit the next unexpected order. Custom boxes, on the other hand, are only made when an order is placed – and are made to order. With warehouse staff gathering dimensions and identifying areas that need additional support, you’ll end up with a box that on average has 40 percent less empty space inside that must be filled with extra cushioning.

When partnering with a company like Packsize, which is a leading manufacturer of box-making machinery, you’ll have unrivaled industry insight that is complemented by on-call assistance to identify and solve your company’s pain points.

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