How Legacy Cabinets Eliminated Their Box Inventory

October 1, 2015

Legacy Cabinets is located in Eastaboga Alabama and has been producing home cabinets for 20 years.

The company was already familiar with the benefits of right-sizing and had restyled their packaging to eliminate empty space. However, this led to an inventory problem.

Read more about how trying to optimize your packaging without On Demand Packaging® often leads to an oversized box inventory by downloading our white paper, “How Many Box Sizes Are Enough,” by clicking here.

Joe Grogan, the Executive VP of Purchasing at Legacy Cabinets, received an email about Packsize. The company did some investigating and realized that making their own boxes would lead to less inventory, simpler purchasing, and reduced costs.

We recently caught up with Joe and created a full case study video and PDF download. You can watch our video case study below:

Some highlights to look for in the video:

  • Legacy Cabinets used to carry over 500 different box sizes. What do they purchase now? And how much?
  • How much easier is purchasing now that Legacy Cabinets no longer has to worry about a box inventory?
  • How much less warehouse space does On Demand Packaging® use versus a regular box inventory?

If you’d like to view our full case study page, click here.

If you’d like to download the Legacy Cabinets case study, please contact us.

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