Packaging Design Software Saves Time and Space

February 7, 2018

Do you know just how much your business can save on by utilizing Packsize’s packaging design software? The largest companies worldwide, including Staples, have made the switch to using Packsize software for two simple reasons: They’ve created more time and space, resulting in more profitability.

When you decide it’s time for your operation to utilize packaging design companies like Packsize, you’ll quickly notice how much time your employees will save. No longer will they need to guess which box size works best when filling customer orders or managing a large box inventory. Instead, employees will be able to focus more on their assigned tasks and less on the boxes needed for customer orders. That job is left packaging design companies, such as Packsize.

During the busiest times of the year, you want your employees spending as much time as possible on key activities. You can realize this goal with software that sends you box designs to print on location. When your employees are focused on their actual jobs instead of managing a box inventory or dealing with box vendors your business reaps the benefits. Packsize’s Box Design Library works like a one-stop shop for all your packaging design needs. If you need new product packaging designs, simply visit the box design library and download the designs you need. Those box designs are then uploaded to your On Demand Packaging® machines, and then you’re good to go. Easy-peasy, right? We think so, too, and that’s why were one of the leading packaging design companies.

packaging design software 2
Staples packaging before Packsize (left) and after Packsize optimization (right)

The other packaging design software tool you’ll want to consider is PackNet.DIM®. PackNet.DIM is a software solution that simplifies gathering and storing product information, and automates orders to create right-sized packaging in real time. In other words, this software will create a custom-sized box for each of your orders automatically—eliminating empty space and reducing DIM charges.

With PackNet.DIM®, complex algorithms will be used to analyze each item in an order and produce a right-sized box for it. Other packaging software options from Packsize helps automate the aspects of your supply chain you might not have time to manage today such as prioritizing box production, managing multiple machines and creating insightful reports. These offerings and more are hallmarks of dependable packaging design companies like Packsize.

While we are focused on software solutions available today, we are always excited to explain a full range of the benefits you can derive from On Demand Packaging®. Feel free to contact Packsize today!

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