The Packaging Experience That Packsize Can Deliver

October 22, 2018

Packaging is a source of frustration…and the source of a lot of garbage. Nearly one-third of all trash produced in the US is packaging waste. It’s so much more omnipresent than many of us realize, and it’s important to make sure it’s as frustration-free as possible.

Amazon just released details on incentivizing brands to create Frustration-Free Packaging (FFP), and they look and sound a lot like what Packsize is doing now.

Here are the three main goals Amazon has for innovating product packaging for e-commerce.

  1. Differentiate and optimize the customer’s experience;
  2. Minimize the environmental impact of packaging; and
  3. Create packaging at the lowest delivered cost.

These same goals align with our own On Demand Packaging® solutions. Let’s talk a bit about how Packsize delivers on each of these in detail.

1. Differentiating and optimizing the delivered box experience for customers.

Have you ever seen a standard corrugated cardboard box on your doorstep and wondered, “I wonder what I ordered?” This is a fairly common experience, so let’s think about it for a moment. This is the first experience with a product someone has ordered, and its packaging is so unassuming that they can’t even remember where it came from. Boring box design has been a staple of the corrugated industry for decades. Fortunately, that’s changing as more companies such as Amazon realize that delivery boxes serve as an important brand experience touchpoint.

One way Packsize helps with this is by providing multiple print options for our customers. Companies with an On Demand Packaging® solution can use special random repeat corrugated or some of our machines that have registered print capabilities. We also provide the ability to use custom-printed tape. By using these options, companies can make sure their customer’s first experience with their products is a memorable one.

2. Minimizing the environmental impact of corrugated packaging.

An On Demand Packaging® solution is all about using right-sized custom packaging. Obviously, a smaller box means less corrugated waste. But there are many other ways that Packsize improves sustainability. The following three examples just scratch the surface.

  • By making it possible to create a right-sized box directly on the packaging line, companies can control and reduce the empty space in their boxes. This reduces void fill, which is usually made from less sustainable materials.
  • Another benefit that comes from using smaller boxes is being able to fit more product on each shipping truck. Basically, a smaller box takes up less space in a truck than a large one, and a lot of smaller boxes take up a lot less space. We estimate that for every million square feet of corrugated a company uses today, Packsize can save enough space to fill about 17 semi-truck trailers. That makes a big difference in reduced CO2
  • Finally, having right-sized custom shipping boxes helps reduce damages your product may incur during transit. Damaged products reflect poorly on any brand, increase costs, and double (sometimes triple) the carbon footprint around that product.

3. Creating Right-sized Packaging On Demand® at the lowest delivered cost.

Obviously, this goal is basically the thesis statement for Packsize. In addition to reduced damages, and less packaging material used, Packsize helps companies save money by helping them spend less on shipping, use less labor, and optimize their warehouse space. Today’s smartest companies are making their own boxes on-demand, just-in-time.

If you’d like to learn more about what Packsize can do for you, reach out to us directly for more information.

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