Packsize's Smallest Machines Can Handle Some Of Its Biggest Product Packaging Orders

August 24, 2018

The iQ Series of custom box-making machines is mainly designed for e-commerce and light manufacturing. This On Demand Packaging® machine has a small footprint and can be integrated into any warehouse space with no upfront capital equipment cost. Electrical modifications rarely need to be made due to the machine’s lower voltage requirements, making installation seamless and cost-efficient.

Cabinetry is one of the most complicated industries that Packsize regularly services. This industry requires a lot of different box sizes and an assurance that the packaging will protect the shipped item.

These two things wouldn’t seem like a natural fit, but for small to medium cabinet manufacturers, an iQ Fusion 2® can actually handle the packaging quickly and easily. Check it out:

At about 30 seconds a cabinet, the iQ Fusion 2® easily handles the packaging of 50 to 200 cabinets a day. A couple of things I’d like to point out that make this possible:

  • Two bales of zFold® are typically loaded into the iQ Fusion 2®. In this demo, only one extra-large width bale is loaded into the machine, which allows the iQ2 to create the extra large boxes needed here.
  • The cantilever conveyor makes it possible for the operator to build a box around a cabinet with minimal lifting. This method of packaging also appears in previous videos titled “Why Packsize Works for Cabinetry Companies” and “Fast Cabinet Packaging.”
  • For the extra large cabinet packaged in the middle of the video, we constructed custom product packaging in the form of a partial RSC with two custom side pads to cover the entire cabinet. The strapper holds all the pieces together. In addition, the iQ Fusion 2® can create Regular Slotted Containers (RSCs), Partial Overlap Containers (POCs), Full Overlap Containers (FOCs), and Telescoping Trays/Sleeves.

Contact us for more information on the iQ Fusion f for cabinetry.

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