Product Packaging Design: A Reliable Way To Avoid Shipping Risks

November 21, 2017

Does every company need custom packaging design?

After eyeing a product online, committing to a purchase and waiting patiently for its arrival, few things are more disappointing than discovering that the item was damaged during shipping. We understand that mistakes happen, but getting a refund or replacement can be a real hassle. Those with limited free time are even more disadvantaged.

Fortunately, there are steps that companies can take to ensure that the items leaving their warehouse have more than a fighting chance against any imperfections inflicted during the shipping process. Chief among these services is product packaging design, which gives companies the ability to create custom boxes on the spot that are right-sized for each item leaving the conveyor belt. It’s more than a revolutionary concept.

According to a recent report in Forbes, none other than Amazon is trying to tackle the issue of damaged or stolen packages head-on. The online retailer that deals in home deliveries is eyeing so-called “smart doorbells” and limited-time access to a recipient’s vehicle trunk for storage purposes. It’s an interesting approach, but one that product packaging design can play a role in, too. That’s because this service doesn’t require people to open valuable personal possessions like their car or house for a delivery person to drop something off. Instead, a custom-designed box is made smarter and smaller, making itself less of a target for thieves and far less prone to damages.

How is this possible? For starters, hard-to-fit items put in the mail aren’t given the one-size-fits-all treatment. Instead, companies that have decided to invest in this technology can craft one-of-a-kind boxes to fit that football, boomerang, or golf club without having to pack the rest of the box with padding to prevent damages. For vulnerable products like a wooden couch, owners of product packaging design tools can even bring corner protection into the fold and have the insides of the box ready to defend an item that’s as valuable as it is unwieldy.

According to the Forbes piece, nearly eight out of every 10 Americans have said that they shop online. Companies that take their reputation seriously would do well to investigate product packaging design as the next investment they should make for the shipping department. In the end, you’ll have more space for product by eliminating warehouse space that previously held stores of cardboard— and that’s bound to help your bottom line.

Packsize’s Right-sized Packaging On Demand® helps companies create custom-designed packaging in real time for irregular-shaped products. With a box specifically made for the product you need to ship, you can eliminate wasted space and get your orders out quicker. With custom product packaging design you will be able to minimize damages, eliminate void filler, and have a custom box that fits every product.

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