What Do We Mean When We Say Bad Packaging?

March 6, 2013

We at Packsize pride ourselves in providing good packaging for the world. We go on to explain all the things that make us not only a good choice, but the best choice to fill all of your packaging needs. It’s often hard to compare the good to the bad when you don’t know what to compare it to. We can hoot and holler all you want about how energy efficient, affordable, and helpful our products are, but if you don’t know what to compare those ideas too, all you can do is pump your fist in the air and let out a half-hearted moan, “yeah.”

Here are a few things for you to think about to understand why we call our packaging good.

Oversized Boxes

Bad packaging methods are overloaded with oversized boxes. Oversized packaging allows products to shift and move to their detriment. Too much movement and your products are put in harm’s way. A nice painting and frame is only useful to your customers when it comes in one piece and without dents and scratches.

That’s not to mention how much cardboard is wasted building a part of the box that never gets used (40% on average). Oversized boxes are just not the right fit for what you need. But most people deal with them anyways because that’s all they know.

Excessive Package Filler

To fill all that extra space, Styrofoam, packing peanuts, paper, and plastic are often employed to cushion and make tight everything in the box. Although this performs its job admirably, it’s over excessive use of the earth’s resources. Package filler companies are making a killing off of making up for packaging companies’ mistakes.

Their plants use up natural resources and emit harmful chemicals into the air to keep up with the demand. With oversized boxes, this is unavoidable to ensure that products and parcels reach their destination safely.

This is bad packaging. It’s wasteful and has the potential for a lot of problems in our future. Packsize built a machine to help you make boxes perfectly fit for your product’s needs. These new boxes are just the right size and eliminate the need for excessive package filler.

If every company switched to Packsize, the earth would be save over 6 million tons of corrugated cardboard every year.  That equates to saving 98.8 million trees and keeping 1.4 billion cubic feet of landfill clear every year. That is good packaging. That is Packsize.

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