What Is Packaging Automation And Why Is Everyone Talking About It?

January 20, 2021

What is Packaging Automation?

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Packaging automation is the process of packaging a product without human assistance. It can be integrated into an existing production line or stand-alone, depending on packaging requirements. With e-commerce experiencing year-over-year double-digit growth, today’s approaches to packaging are changing, and automation is becoming a crucial investment to achieve efficiency, safety, and cost savings goals.

As a result, most packaging facilities use some form of automation, ranging from individual simple process equipment that may form and seal cartons, to more advanced automated packaging lines that can scan, label, stack, and unitize entire pallets of goods. Whether the process is large or small, automated packaging systems provide smart workflows, reduce costs, and significantly increase throughput.

Is Packaging Automation Expensive?

Upfront costs associated with packaging equipment might make some companies wary of adopting automated solutions. However, once implemented, automated packaging can offer substantial savings and pay for itself in many areas.

Decreased Labor Costs—With the addition of automated packaging equipment, businesses can reduce and reallocate labor, improving overall profitability. The efficiency of On Demand Packaging® technology takes away many of the most tedious and difficult tasks for warehouse employees.

Optimized Warehouse Space—Creating right-sized packages on-demand eliminates the need for a large box inventory, freeing up valuable warehouse space for other operations.

Reduced Waste—On Demand Packaging® solutions ensures the right size box is created for every order, every time. Right-sizing requires less corrugated fiberboard, removes or reduces the need for void filler, improves less-than-full-case average cube utilization, and reduces the overall carbon footprint.

Reduced Corrugated and Shipping Costs—By minimizing box sizes, automated packaging substantially reduces dimensional charges and corrugated expenses.

Faster Output—Automated packaging streamlines operations with speed and reliability to handle the most complex demands. For example, the Packsize X7™ automated system handles all the functions to make, pack, scan, label, and ship the right-sized box in just three seconds.

Increased Customer Satisfaction—Smaller boxes eliminate the need for excessive corrugated and void fill, reduce product damage, and create happier customers.

Is Automated Packaging Scalable?

Whether a facility is large or small, there are always options to automate, and packaging equipment can be fully customized to any environment. Right-sized Packaging on Demand® can be integrated into existing production lines, or stand-alone, and can be combined with precise software and accessories, depending on a facility’s packaging requirements.

A pre-configured packaging system, designed by automated packaging professionals, can deliver scalable performance and reliability needed for a highly efficient packaging environment.

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